The Willis reunion was held on Sunday, Sept. 3, at the Pleasant Mound Community Building, with 62 people present.
A potluck was served after Harry Willis asked the blessing on the meal.
The oldest person present was Albert Willis, 89. Markus Patterson was the youngest, 3 months. Mike Willis traveled the farthest, from Central City, Pa.
The decision was made to have the 2018 reunion at the same place at 1 p.m.
Those present from Mulberry Grove were: Tom and Judy Steiner; Albert Willis; Jerry Willis; Della McCormick; Chuck, Ethan and Emma Steiner; Mary E. Willis; Geri Schuchman, Dan and Cheryle Willis; Betty Fifier; Darrin and Beth Willis; Jana Oldham.
Those present from Vandalia were: Jacob and Crystal Whalen; Bob and Patty Edwards; Mark and Angie Ambuehl; Derek Ambuehl; Kay Ambuehl; Hayden Smith; Brayden Junior; Kayla Ambuehl; Etha and Leland Arroyo; Markus Patterson; Shirley Little; Luke, Jesse and Jalene Reavis; Donna Blankenship; Tony, Ember, Betthany, Ryne and Kennedy Lipsey; and Dana Tedrick.
Those present from Smithboro were: Darrell and Annabelle Stewart; and Lacy, Mia, and Benjamin Koontz.
Others present were: Bill Willis of Novinger, Mo.; Marcella Willis and Wilber Tomas of Nashville, Ill.; Linda, Jay, Jeff, Sarah and Sophia Clouse of Belleville; Connie and Bill Willmann of Greenville; Bob and Mary Ann Willis of Taylorville; Mike and Vivian Willis of Central City, Pa.; and Harry and Lorretta Willis of East Peoria.
The 79th annual Elam family reunion was held on Sunday, Aug. 6, at the Mulberry Grove Community Building, with about 45 in attendance.
The reunion this year was in memory of Reginald Roberts, from his daughter and son-in-law, Janet and Dale Chaplin. He was 97 and always came to the reunions if he was able.
The reunion included a potluck at noon.

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