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Announcements                                                                                                                                           Thursday, August 17
• First day of School in St. Elmo – lasses will be dismissed at 2 p.m. through Aug. 25. 

• St. Elmo Educational Foundation annual meeting, 7 p.m., Unit Office. See article following the announcements.
Saturday, August 19
• St. Elmo High School Alumni & Guests Luncheon in the First Church of God S.H.E.D. Doors will open at 11 a.m. and the catered meal will be served at noon to those who made reservations; no tickets will be sold at the doors today.  There will be no program scheduled, just renewing friendships and visiting in the afternoon. Smoking and alcohol are not allowed.
Monday, August 21
• Historical Vandalia, Inc, 6:30 p.m., Fayette County Museum.
• St. Elmo Board of Education, 7:30 p.m., unit office.
Wednesday, August 23
• St. Elmo Unit of Home and Community Education will meet at 10 a.m. in St. Mary’s Catholic Church parking lot to pool rides to Moonshine.
Friday, August 25
• Deadline to nominate a St. Elmo Citizen of the Year. See article after the announcements.
St. Elmo Educational Foundation
The annual meeting of the St. Elmo Educational Foundation will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday in the unit office. The agenda: roll call, adopt agenda, approve minutes and treasurer’s report, election of directors, election of officers, discussion of fundraising activities and accomplishments, next meeting date and time, adjournment.
It is time for membership renewal: individual member, $20 a year; family member, $20 a year; and business member, $20 a year.
All contributions, including membership fees, are tax deductible.
Checks are to be made out to St. Elmo Educational Foundation and send to: PO Box 82, St. Elmo Ill. 62458.
Citizen of the Year
The St. Elmo City Council is sponsoring a Citizen of the Year again this year. The winner will be announced at the St. Elmo Labor Day celebration by Mayor Ernie Myers at about 12:45 p.m.
Nominations are open to anyone who has made contributions to the city of St. Elmo, regardless of residence. Nominations are to be mailed to or dropped off at the city office, 411 N. Main, St. Elmo. The deadline is Friday, Aug. 25, at noon.
All nominations are for an individual, not a group or organization, and must include the name of the nominee, a neatly written or typed letter containing the nominee’s affiliations, previous awards received and how the nominee demonstrates the following characteristics, community pride and leadership, has given of himself/herself to benefit the community, charity or organization and has made contribution to the welfare and development of the community of St. Elmo and its citizens.
Included also is to be a letter stating why this nominee should receive the Citizen of the Year award. The letter is to include your name and phone number or the nominee will not be considered.
Each week, the St. Elmo Banner plans to print a summary from nomination letter or letters.
Fayette County Farm Bureau Food Bank
A Fayette County Farm Bureau-sponsored Central Illinois Food Bank was held on Saturday morning in the St. Elmo Pinnacle Foods parking lot, and 356 people received almost 10,000 pounds of food.
Unique Fundraiser Winners
The American Legion Post #420 has been remodeling the American Legion Home to update it and has been having fundraisers to help. The most recent one was very unique and raised $10,000 for the home.
A few months ago, Legion Member Bob Heckert presented this idea: Sell 1,000 numbered golf balls for $20 each, have the buyer sign his/her name and phone number beside four selected numbers on sheets of paper and give four winners $5,000, $2,500, $1,500, $1,000. The Legion members voted to do so. The last of the balls were sold by the Aug. 8 Legion meeting.
Heckert said many were sold in the counties around Fayette, some were sold in Southern and Northern Illinois, and 20 were sold in other states.
On Saturday, at 2 p.m. a helicopter dropped all the balls in a designated area of the Fore-Way Challenge and Golf Driving Range west of Effingham, and four balls each were not more than 10 inches from a designated area.
The winners who received $100 bills were: Janet of Altamont, $1,000; Rita of Altamont, $1,500; Roff of St. Elmo, $2,500; and Chad of Brownstown, $5,000. Heckert said he called them and each happy winner received the money by 3:30 p.m.
Heckert expresses his gratitude to the hundreds of people who helped make this a successful fundraiser.
St. Elmo Community Blood Drive
Twenty signed in at the American Red Cross St. Elmo community blood drive held the afternoon of Aug.7 in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall and 19 units of blood were collected; the quota was 21.
John Krost of St. Elmo received a 7-gallon pin and Dorolunn Holder of St. Elmo received a 2-gallon pin.
Those who have donated 50 or more units of blood are: Janet Winter of Altamont, 262; Andy Lilly of Beecher City, 132; Pat Logsdon of St. Elmo, 123; Jack Belden of St. Elmo, 111; Marie Hopper of Farina, 109; Lisa Koberlein of St. Elmo, 85; and John Krost of St. Elmo, 56.
Chairman Karen Denning appreciates donors and the following workers: Joe Reck, for putting up posters; Tony Koberlein, for setting up the area; Pat Porter and Debbie Hough, for registering, working in the canteen, etc.; and St. Elmo Women’s Civic Club, for covering the canteen expense. Homemade cookies also were served.
The next community blood drive will be on Monday, Dec. 11, at St. Mary’s.
IAHCE District Workshop
The annual workshops for District 6 and 7 of the Illinois Association of Home and Community Education was held Aug. 8 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Effingham. The 186 attendees included some from District 5. The theme “Down by the Riverside” was carried out with table arrangements in the fellowship hall – glass jars with flowers were in the middle of each round table.
All Fayette County HCE officers attended – Flo Allen, Panzi Blackwell and Phyllis Pryor of the Sefton Unit, Donna Blair of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit, Anna Jean  Rhodes of the St. Elmo Unit and Ashley Davis, Rebecca Graves, Joyce Mueller and Debbie Segrest of the Vandalia Unit. Graves’s baby girl, Maegyn, also attended.
At 9 a.m., glazed donuts, bowls of fresh fruit, coffee and orange juice were served.
The opening session was 9 a.m., and District 6 Director Marilyn Schaefer and District 7 Director Janet Kassing gave the welcome. Everyone gave the Pledge of Allegiance, HCE Aim and the collect.
President Jane Chapman gave greetings and introduced the state board; a couple of them were unable to be present.
The program, “I’m Positive, I’m Aging!,” was given by U of I Family Life Educator Susan Sloop.
Officer training was from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in various rooms.
Becky Belcher of Hamilton County gave the noon prayer. Martin’s IGA catered meal consisted of fried chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, chicken noodles, green beans, corn, cole slaw, rolls and cupcakes.
U of I liason report was given by Caitlin Huth.
Schaefer extended an invitation to all HCE members, not just officers, to attend the annual conference that will be in the Effingham Keller Convention Center March 12-14, 2018.
The state board then entered the room and everyone clapped to the music as the board went around the room singing to announce the 2018 IAHCE theme – “Celebrate Red, White & Blue.” Next year is the 200th birthday for Illinois.
District meetings were last on the program and District 6 met in the sanctuary. This is Schaefer’s third year as a director, and Fayette County Debbie Segrest was nominated and elected to replace her.
The counties announced future events and activities. Fayette County President Flo Allen announced that the suicide awareness program at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at the Vandalia  Holy Cross Lutheran Church. It is open to the public and there is no charge.
Lovett Reunion
The annual Lovett reunion was held Aug. 6 in the Phillips Building with the following attending: Mike, Sharly, Kelly and Becky Eckley of Crestline, Calif.; Chris, Sarah and Miles Lovett of Davenport, Iowa;  Dave and Judy Lovett of Rock Island, Walt and Judy Roll of Moline; Mark, Michele, Miranda, Michael and Madi Lovett of Louisville; Michelle and Lauren Waggoner and Trace and Keyleigh Sisil of Palestine; Sandra Lovett of Benton; Valerie and Vivianne Engelbart, and Gary and Cheri Engelbart of Montrose; Don and Robin Lovett, and Wayne and Sandra Lovett of Brownstown; and Dale and Connie Roll, Virginia Lovett and Kathy Spitler of St. Elmo.
American Legion
American Legion Post #420 met the evening of Aug 8 in the Legion Home. It was reported that all 1,000 numbered golf balls had been sold for the official fundraiser and the winners would be known on Saturday afternoon.
Discussed were ways the Legion will start using the fundraiser money to help the Legion Home. The first thing they will purchase is 25 new chairs (they have 50, so the seating will increase to 75). They will purchase six new lightweight tables to replace the old heavy ones. They also will purchase three new boxes of soundproof material, and Bob Heckert and Ernie Myers plan to finish the ceilings to make the large room better soundproofed.
After the Labor Day Parade, the Legion will have their annual fish stand open; it will be in front of the city garage.
The building can be rented for $100, plus $50; if the person(s) who rents it, leaves it clean like it was when rented, the $50 will be refunded.
Those present at the meeting included a new member, Denny Braasch of St. Elmo, who transferred his membership from Altamont. Others were Bob Heckeert, Dave Cox, Marvin Forbes, Bud Himes, Wayne Lovett, Richard Lowe, Ernie Myers and Al Nevergall.
Lunch Bunch
Present for the monthly meeting of the Lunch Bunch held at noon on Aug.10 at Mary Ann’s Restaurant were Pat Porter of Farina, Wayne and Sandra Lovett of Brownstown and Karen Denning and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo.
Library District Board
The St. Elmo Public Library District Board meeting was held the evening of Aug. 10 at the Beecher City Branch Library. The board approved and paid the bills.
Director Kim Karnes presented a three-year agreement with Head Start for use of the St. Elmo Public Library.
The fire extinguishers at the St. Elmo library were recertified.
The board passed Ordinance No. 2017-4, adopting the budget and appropriation for the fiscal year of the St. Elmo Public Library District beginning on the first day of July 2017 and ending on the 30th day of June 2018.
The September board meeting will be at the Brownstown Branch Library.
Rhodes-Side Gleanings
When I ate lunch at Mary Ann’s Restaurant after church on Aug. 13, I got to visit a little while with Marilla Jean (Carson) Crosswait of Madisonville, Ky. With her was her son, Drew Crosswait, from the Sefton area. On Saturday, they had attended the Sefton reunion.
I first met her when I was a freshman in college, and the two sororities we belonged to eventually became Delta Zeta, so we are sorority sisters. Many years ago, she and her husband moved to St. Elmo; they eventually built a home in Altamont. After Burt died, she moved to Kentucky to be near her daughter.
St. James Hornets 4-H Club Winners
The St. James Hornets 4-H Club members received many awards in the Fayette County 4-H Food & Clothing Show held July 8 at the Brownstown Elementary School and the General Projects Show held July 20 at the Fayette County Fair. They demonstrated skills they have gained throughout the year in their project.
The awards were presented to the exhibitors in an Awards Ceremony in the Fayette County Fair show ring the evening of July 20. Superior ribbons were awarded to exhibitors that the judges felt had exceptional projects. Winners included:
Anna Stine in Visual Arts Chalk, Carbon, Pigment; Jayna Ireland in Visual Arts Nature and Photography; Kinley Carson in Visual Arts Fiber; Macey Sapp in Visual Arts Scrapbooking; Natalie Hoopingarner in Foods & Nutrition Cooking 201; and Reagan Walker in Intercultural and Photography.
The following were selected as delegates to compete at the Illinois State Fair on Aug. 12:
Addie McWhorter in Child Development; Anna Niemeyer in Clothing and Textiles; David Stine in Crops, Welding, Jack Kimberland in Natural Resources; Jayna Ireland in Photography, Visual Arts Clay; Kinley Carson in Visual Arts Fiber; Macey Sapp in Foods & Nutrition 101, Visual Arts Scrapbooking; Nate Miller in Horticulture; Payton Hoopingarner in Visual Arts Chalk, Carbon, Pigment; Reagan Walker in Intercultural, Photography, Visual Arts Chalk, Carbon, Pigment; Wade Stine in Electricity; and Wyatt Stine in Crops.
Top exhibitors in each project were awarded Champion Trophies. These 4-H members included:
Champion Crops & Soil Sciences-David Stine; Champion Home and Family-Reagan Walker; and Champion Photography-Raegan Walker.
Sponsors for the 2017 food, clothing and general projects awards included: Stine Brothers Farm, The Country Closet, Durbin Vet Clinic, Loudon Construction, St. Peter HCE, Wright Way Simmental, Wright Vineyard & Orchard, Vandalia First National Bank, Brownstown First National Bank, Fayette County Hospital and Long Term Care, Dieterich Bank and Royal Neighbors of America #5784.

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