Program can pull criminal activity from electronics

The Fayette County State’s Attorney’s Office will use bond money that the county received in a child pornography case to help in the investigation in that and other types of criminal offenses.
The county board approved the $15,000 purchase of the computer program, which Assistant State’s Attorney Brenda Mathis explained is used “in the investigation and apprehension of individuals who have (illegal) things on their phones.”
Those “things,” Mathis said, include evidence of drug activity and child pornography. The system can also be used for onsite searches of other electronics, including laptops, computers and tablets.
“It’s more investigative than something you see in a police car,” Mathis said, adding that this type of computer program was used to successfully prosecute a child pornography case in this county.
She told board members that Fayette County is working with other counties on the use of this program and that Bond County is purchasing the computer on which the program will be loaded.
“It’s a couple of counties that have gotten together and said, ‘We definitely need this program,” Mathis said. “It’s for a good cause, and it’s definitely needed right now for our area.”
The funds to purchase the program “is from a forfeited bond in a child pornography case,” Mathis said.

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