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Saturday, June 17
• The Fayette County Amateur Town and Country Art Show and Professional Art Show will be open to the public at 1-8 p.m. in the Artworks Gallery in the upstairs of the Fayette County Museum, Vandalia. The showing will be on Sunday, June 25.

Sunday, June 18
• Happy Father’s Day                                                                                                                                 
• See Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser deadline following these announcements.                                                                       
• Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum upstairs, 1-4 p.m.
Monday, June 19
• Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
• Historical Vandalia Inc. Board, 6:30 p.m., Fayette County Museum, Vandalia.
Tuesday, June 20
• Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Wednesday, June 21
• Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.                                                                         
• “Exploring the Arts,” a free arts program for children in grades 3-8, is being held at St. Elmo Christian Church, 6-8 p.m. each Wednesday through Aug. 16 (except July 5).                     .
Thursday, June 22
•Art shows in Artworks Gallery, Fayette County Museum, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Baby Bottle Boomerang
Churches in Fayette County have received baby bottles from the Vandalia Lighthouse Pregnancy and Health Services to fill with coins for the Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser. This year’s goal is $16,000. Bottles have to be returned back to the churches by this Sunday or to the LPHS June 19-23. This fundraiser is needed to provide ongoing support to mothers, fathers and children who so desperately need and deserve abundant life.
Fayette County HCE 69th Annual Meeting
The 69th annual meeting of the Fayette County Home and Community Education was held June 8 in the Vandalia Holy Cross Lutheran Church, with 33 county members registering. There were three guests: District 6 Director Marilyn Schaefer of Effingham and possibly two future members – 3½-month-old Maegyn (daughter of Rebecca Graves) and 3-week-old Addilynne (daughter of Brittany Nichols).
Awards were given toward the end of the business meeting and the main one was a plaque to the Homemaker of the Year. The latter went to Flo Allen, who is chairman and is very active in the Sefton Unit and the county HCE; this year will start her 12th year as president of the board. She also is very active in church and community activities.
Bingham/Ramsey Unit was in charge of the registration that started at 11 a.m. Vandalia Day Unit decorated the tables with the Illinois Association of HCE theme – “Down by the Riverside.” Red and white checked cloths and summer flower arrangements were on the tables.
As the potluck dishes arrived, the Sefton Unit arranged the food on the serving tables and the Vandalia Day Unit took charge of the iced tea, lemonade, coffee table. At 11:30 a.m., Panzi Blackwell gave the meal blessing.
After the dinner, President Flo Allen called the business meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the attendance report, a memorial service was held for those who died during the year. Panzi Blackwell and Ashley Davis were at a round table covered in a white cloth and held a Bible, a red rose in a vase, an empty vase, a glass turned upside down and several other items and explained what each means for HCE.
The three who died included two from the Sefton Unit – Ilene Sidwell, a charter member, who died in August 2016, and Sharon Wilhelm who joined in 2006 and died in November of 2016. The other one was from the Wheatland Unit – MaryEllen Lovett, who was a charter member, dropped out, then rejoined in 1951. She was the second oldest county member and died in February 2017 at the age of 103. Elizabeth Kasten gave a memorial for Wilhelm, Allen gave a memorial for Sidwell and Anna Jean Rhodes gave a memorial for Lovett. Each reader put a flower in a vase. After a prayer by Blackwell, Davis rang the bell on the table to close the service.
Secretary Joyce Mueller read the meetings of the 68th annual meeting. Treasurer Carol Bridges gave the treasurer’s report and presented the 2017-18 budget that was approved. The largest budget expenditures are the dues that are sent to the IAHCE ($5 of the $15 each member pays is sent), $700 to the University of Illinois Trust that helps the county have HCE, $200 to Fayette County 4-H and $450 for county delegates to attend the March IAHCE Annual Conference (it will be held in Effingham in 2018).
Other budget items are for the district workshop, Get-Acquainted Day, HCE International Week and IAHCE newsletter subscriptions for board officers.
Next, President Allen asked for reports of the Board: First Vice Debbie Segrest on programs, Second Vice Rhodes on membership, Donna Blair on community outreach/family issues, Anita Smith on international (Philippines is the country for the October International Night), Ashley Davis on cultural enrichment and Panzi Blackwell on public relations.
All current officers were re-elected, with the exception of two; Phyllis Pryor replaced Bridges and Rebecca Graves replaced Smith.
District President Schaefer did the installation. As each one was installed, she received a bright, hand-shaped fly swatter with a bee on the front that says “Bee Positive.” The swatter would probably have to be used if one was “Down By The River,” the IAHCE theme. Each one also received a bottle of water and a postcard size sign on a stick; the bright sign had five hands and these words: “Call Attention to IAHCE and Wave Hello to New and Old Members.” Schaefer was presented with the long-stemmed red rose.
The 10 new members were recognized and each received the Aim of the Homemaker and a long-stemmed pink rose: Jeanne Holt and Janice Stanford of the Sefton Unit, Kim Reeder, Sherri Garrett, Rebecca Graves, Katherine Wright and Carla Etcheson of the Vandalia Day Unit and Mary Brown, and Wanda Pasley and Sherry Wright of the Wright’s Corner Unit. All were not present, but the Aim of the Homemakers and flowers were given to the units.
County HCE members with 50 or more years were recognized in the program. Those who were there were Anna Jean Rhodes with 68 years, Dorothy Harpster with 60 years, Sally Behrends with 58 years, Marilyn Magnus and Elizabeth Kasten, each with 54 years, and May Della Probst with 53 years.
Those unable to be present were the following: the only charter member still living, Martha O’Dell with 69 years; Lucille Fisher with 58 years (she was a charter member, dropped out and rejoined and at the age of 104 is the oldest county member,; Ruth Schnake with 56 years, Evelyn Probst with 55 years and Carol Austin with 51 years.
Anniversary certificates were presented to the following: Dorothy Harpster, 60 years; Joan Aderman, Panzi Blackwell and Erna Koontz, each 10 years. There were no 20-, 30-, 40- or 50-year members this year.
Perfect attendance certificates were awarded to the following: Anita Smith and Flo Allen, each with 21 years, and Kate Jennings with 19 years. Twenty-two members had perfect attendance for one to six years.
Each unit filled out a score sheet for Unit of the Year. For years, the name(s) were put on a plaque and last year it was filled. The board decided this year to not start another plaque, but to give a certificate of recognition to each unit. The certificate can be put in a frame if the unit wishes to do so.
Vandalia Day was Unit of the Year with the highest score, Sefton Unit was second, Bingham/Ramsey Unit was third, St. Peter Unit was fourth, Wright’s Corner Unit was fifth and St. Elmo Unit was sixth.
After Rhodes presented the Homemaker of the Year award, Allen announced the District 6 meeting will be on Tuesday, Aug. 8, at Effingham before adjourning the meeting.
On display was a quilt that was handmade in 1996 by the units and won by Eileen Sidwell, who died. The family is donating it back to the board and tickets are again being sold – $1 each or six for $5.
Membership year is June through May and dues are $15, with $10 for the county and $5 to IAHCE. The 2017-18 dues should be paid by the end of June to the county HCE treasurer.
County HCE started June 2016 with 102 members who rejoined, gained 10 new members during the year and lost three by death. May 31 ended with 109 members and the units hope each member rejoins.
In June 2016, seven Wheatland Unit members rejoined, but because several family members had illnesses, the unit quit meeting. Those who could were invited to join another unit. Erna Koontz, who previously had been a member of the St. Elmo Unit, became a member again. She took all the lesson sheets, newsletters, etc., to other members of the Wheatland Unit.
In addition to the three guests, the following attended the annual meeting:
• Bingham/Ramsey – Goldie Beck, Donna Blair, May Della Probst.
• St. Elmo – Sarah Beasley, Carole Krost, Mary Myers, Anna Jean Rhodes, Sharon Shelton.
• St. Peter – Dorothy Harpster, Glori Magnus, Marilyn Magnus, Jan Mendonca, Sandra Runge, Doris Rubin.
• Sefton – Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Panzi Blackwell, Lois Jackson, Elizabeth Kasten, Shirley Klitzing, Phyllis Pryor, Janice Stanford.
• Vandalia Day – Carol Bridges, Ashley Davis, Rebecca Graves, Joyce Mueller, Brittany Nichols, Alvena Noffinger,  Megan Runkel, Debbie Segrest, Anita Smith, Catherine Wright.
• Wright’s Corner – Kate Jennings.
Rhodes-Side Gleanings Continued Again
In the last Rhodes-Side Gleanings article, I wrote about the van’s dashboard EZ Lock that wasn’t releasing as it should, and I went to United Access at Champaign May 30 to find out what was wrong and they had to order a new one. I was told to hold in the button for several seconds and it would unlatch the wheelchair and it took several seconds! Very frustrating!
After I got back home, I had a Unit 21 Extension Council meeting at Effingham and decided to go. When I got there, the EZ Lock finally worked. The same thing when I got back home. I didn’t have any place to go to on Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday I had a dental appointment at Effingham, ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, went to Walmart and came back home – four frustrations this time. Sunday, I went to Sunday school and church and ate at Mary Ann’s Restaurant and came back home – three more frustrations.
About 8:30 Monday morning, I called Champaign. Gary was on the phone and said he would call me back in a few minutes. He was talking to the fellow that was supposed to have sent the EZ Lock last week. When he called me back, he said he was going after it in the Normal area and would be back in Champaign about 11 a.m.  
When here Saturday, Carole Krost offered to go with me to Champaign to keep me company. I called her to tell her when we would leave and we got to Champaign shortly after Gary returned. The new lock was put in. When we left to eat lunch, the red light came on, so I went back to the van place. He said he was going to have to get into the dashboard and labor would probably take a couple hours. I decided we should eat lunch first; Carole and I ate at Olive Garden.
It was found the wiring had pulled loose due to the possible accident I was in. The EZ Lock now is working and has stopped being very frustrating – it unlatches the wheelchair as soon as I push the button!
The sixth annual Our Lady of Good Council Women of Distinction Awards and Luncheon will start at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 17, in the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Springfield. St. Mary’s Catholic Church Council of Catholic Women have chosen Pat Porter to receive this award.
Mona Durbin, LaVonne Kramer and Carol Rine will go with Porter. The hostesses are the Springfield Diocese Council of Catholic Women. The reserved luncheon is for family, friends and parish priests.
The June 6 CCW meeting in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall opened with prayer for Lady of Good Council and the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call, “What do you plan to be doing in five years?” was answered by Helen Bergman, Karen Denning, Mona Durbin, Debbie Hough, Mary Myers, Pat Porter, Carol Rine and Natalie Stout.
The following officers elected for the 2017-18 year were installed by Stout: Durbin, president; Kramer, vice president; Rine, secretary; and Porter, treasurer.
Get well cards were signed for parish members.
The CCW will provide cookies for the June 12 Red Cross blood drive in St. Mary’s parish hall.
Hostesses Denning and Myers served strawberry cake, cheese ball, crackers, nuts and candies, and Denning made the table centerpiece with summer flowers.
The next meeting will not be until September. It will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 5, in the parish hall.
Friendly Neighbors
Friendly Neighbors did not have a meeting at noon June 6 at Mary Ann’s Restaurant. This is the second month one has not been had. Are Friendly Neighbors over? At one time, there were many who attended for the food and fellowship.
Wright’s Corner HCE
Wright’s Corner Unit of Home and Community Education met the afternoon of June 7 in the Loudon Townhouse. After the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call, “Who is your hero?” was answered by Carol Austin, Kate Jennings and Amanda Miller.
Three new members have joined for the 2017-18 year, but were unable to attend; hey are Mary Brown, Wanda Pasley and Sherry Wright. Other members unable to attend were Irene Reed, Mary Smith and Helen Wright.
Chairman Miller read the HCE Board notes. Jennings had both lessons. The special feature was “What One Person Can Do” and the major lesson was “Financial Elder Exploitation.”                   
Lunch Bunch
Present June 8 for the noon monthly meeting of the Lunch Bunch at Mary Ann’s Restaurant were Pat Porter of Farina, Wayne and Sandra Lovett of Brownstown and Karen Denning and Arlin and Lillian Grobengieser of St. Elmo.
District Library Board
The St. Elmo Public Library District Board met the evening of June 8 in the St. Elmo Public Library. After the board approved and paid the bills, Director Kim Karnes turned in the approved renewal agreement from the state.
Connie Hough took the oath of office and was seated as a new board member.
At the Beecher City Branch Library, JoAn Evans said they are having computer issues. She notified Wayne Moran about this. She had 15 children at the summer reading program. The sheriff’s office visited the library and the kids loved it. Seven adults attended the Book Club.
Nineteen children attended the summer reading program at the St. Elmo Public Library and 29 children attended the Brownstown Branch Library summer reading program. Douglas Hart from the Altamont Ballard Nature Center did the presentation at Brownstown and they said he was great.
Signs were posted in the library about cell phones needing to be silenced or turned off while in the library so they will not disturb other patrons.
RNA Birthday Party
Royal Neighbors of America enjoyed a 1 p.m. lunch at Mary Ann’s Restaurant June 10 to celebrate RNA 108th birthday and the birthdays of all the members. Those present were Jean Brown, Anna Ruth Lilly, Clement Lilly, Irene Reed, Anna Jean Rhodes, Shirley Smith, Laverne and Leona Wright, Oliver and Edna Wright, Della Stewart and Jill Stewart. Guests were Nancy Durbin, Larry Reed and Mark Smith. Served for dessert was a chocolate and white birthday cake.
Della Stewart conduced the business meeting. From now until the middle of July, RNA will collect items for new mothers, such as shampoo, toothpaste, brushes, lotions and personal items, and items for newborn babies. Items are for the Vandalia Lighthouse Pregnancy and Health Services. A collection box will be at Mary Ann’s Restaurant.

The Royal Neighbors of America Chapter 5784 celebrated its 108th birthday and members’ birthdays at Mary Ann’s Restaurant on June 10.

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