Theft, vandalism at cemeteries is disgusting

Many of us like to remember and honor our deceased loved ones by placing flowers and momentos at their gravesite. It's a way of keeping those loved ones in our thoughts long after they have left us.
But some individuals will sink as low as stealing from those gravesites.
A resident approached the Vandalia City Council to see if there is anything the city can do to address cemetery thefts. That resident has had four cemetery saddles, flowers and vases stolen from a family member's gravesite.
Thefts from gravesites is just downright unconscionable.
The city will be looking into the issue, and this is one of those cases in which we need to be of assistance.
Vandalism of gravesites was not mentioned at Monday's council meeting, but that, too, has been an issue in the past.
Theft and vandalism in cemeteries are crimes that are hard to prevent, and it's just as hard to catch these criminals.
We've noted numerous times before in this space that we can help address crime in our community by serving as the eyes and ears of our law enforcement. We should be willing to be on the lookout for crime and also willing to help police put the criminals in handcuffs.
This is one of those areas where police will need our help, and we should be willing to help them.
Our loved ones should be able to rest in peace, and we should be able to remember them without having to tolerate this kind of disrespect.

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