Addresses being verified for E911

The work to getting Enhanced 911 emergency phone service available for Fayette County residents is continuing with address verification.
Kevin Jenne, the county’s E911 coordinator, announced late last week that over the next few weeks, the E911 office will be calling certain phone numbers to verify the addresses where the specific phone service is located.
Jenne said that the E911 office is working with companies that provide telephone service in the area to clean up phone records that will be used with the landline E911 service.
The purpose of that work is to ensure accurate information in the 911 database.
He said that those calling to verify address information will identify himself or herself as being affiliated with either the Vandalia Police or Fayette County Sheriff dispatch.
Anyone having concerns about such phone calls can contact Jenne’s office at 283-7241; sheriff’s office, 283-2141; or Vandalia Police, 283-2131.

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