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The rains came and came, and it’s still coming, and, hopefully, nourishing the morel mushrooms, getting them ready to spring up, to be found and gently plucked from the moist, warm earth, to find their way to the Homestead kitchen to be washed carefully, soaked in salt water, dipped in batter, floured and fried to a crisp, golden, brown in the old black iron skillet … never to be heard from again, which reminds us of a strange, but true, mushroom story.
Cloudy, the Mushroom Detector
Cloudy, was Cora’s white Welsh pony, given to her by Susan Diveley when Cora’s heart no longer allowed her to walk very far, especially in the woods, which she loved.
So, when we went mushroom hunting, Bill would put Cora upon Cloudy’s back, and off we would, sometimes followed by the critters (all loose): Andy, the goat (who was Cloudy’s stablemate and good buddy); SnowWhite, the goose (who found the going a little rough, but insisted on coming along); Charlie, the raccoon (also loose, but preferred to stay with the other Homestead critters in our yard, instead of going to live in the woods); Mama Kitty; and Princess, the blue heeler plus doggie. It was quite a strange procession, all of them walking freely and peacefully.
On these excursions (which were also always a picnic), Bill often said he was glad the guys at the Vandalia city garage, where he worked, couldn’t see him.
But the Amazing Thing …
… was that we noticed that Cloudy would begin snorting at times in the woods,  something we had never heard him do before. We began to realize that when Cloudy was snorting, we would find mushrooms nearby.
We think that very few people believed us when we told this story, but it is true. We figure Cloudy must have had an allergy to mold or mushrooms.
We would have liked to tell people that we would find so many mushrooms that we had to take the pony to fetch them home. (That however is really far-fetched, from the truth, no pun intended.)
We have another true miracle mushroom story, but we will share that in another column. So many good memories.
Last year, it seemed no one was finding the delicious treat from nature, compliments of our Creator. Hope the conditions are better for them this year. If not, I’ll fry dandelion blooms. They taste somewhat like mushrooms (however, Bill refuses to eat dandelions).
Helping Hands Food Pantry …
… distribution dates are April 8 and 10 at the Brownstown United Methodist Church, sponsored by the Ministers’ Alliance.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Kyler Fulk, Carol Henna, Gavin Schnarre, Wade Voelker, Don Thomas, Zack Fulk, Elmer Feezel and Nicholas Grull.
Local Easter Services/Activities
First Christian Church:
• Maundy Thursday-April 13 at 6:30 p.m.; “Passion of the Christ” movie.
• Good Friday service-April 14 at 6:30 p.m.
• Easter Egg Hunt-Saturday, April 15 at 2 p.m.
• SONrise service-Sunday, April 16 at 6:30 am at Liberty Christian Church, with breakfast following.
• Easter service-Sunday, April 16 at 9:30 a.m.
Liberty Christian:
• April 16- Easter sunrise service at 6:30 a.m.
• Easter Rainbow Kids program at10 a.m. service.
United Methodist Church:
• Easter-6:30 a.m. SONrise service, with breakfast to follow; regular morning services to follow at Emmanuel and Brownstown.
And Our Neighbors, Arm Prairie Church …
… will have a Good Friday service on April 14 at 7 pm. Take Ill.. Route 185 East to road 1575 East, turn south 2.5 miles until you see the church on the right.
The United Methodist Children’s Home in Mt. Vernon is changing its name.
It will now be known as Spero Family Services. Its mission and values will remain the same.
April Food Pantry Items …
… are paper towels, four rolls of toilet paper, one box of laundry soap, one bar of soap, one tube of toothpaste or one package of diapers. Anything is appreciated.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of United Methodist Church gathered Sunday morning for worship services. Mannie Orr and Junior Williams served as ushers, and Tara Schnarre lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Following the message, delivered by Thomas, Communion was observed, officiated by Thomas and Tara Schnarre.
Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Friday & Saturday-Festival of Quilts at Cunningham Children’s Home, Urbana. Quilt shop, silent auction, quilt boutique, gift shop, bake sale, patchwork café.
• This Sunday is Palm Sunday.
• April 13 at 2 pm.-United Methodist Women will meet at Emanuel UMC. Our Shepherdess will be the speaker.
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Jack and Bonnie Shelton, and led in songs of praise by Susan Smith, Cameron Calloway, Matthew Smith and Chuck Enlow, guitarist.
Matthew Smith led Communion meditation. Adrienne Kinney contributed special music, followed by the message, delivered by Robert Keen.
Also serving: Laura Willms-Sunday school nursery; Tena Gould-a.m. nursery; Cathy and Ashton Smith-toddler worship; Q-4-Christ-team-Duane Willms, Terry Smith and Aaron Prins, speaker.  
• “Mentoring Men”-Men’s Day is this Saturday, from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m., with SLCC’s Nikomas Perez.
Liberty Christian Church
The congregation of the Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Tom Mayes and led in songs of praise by the Praise team of Stef Anderson, Chole Carson, Kathy Willms, Kim Miller and Tammy Carson. Kenny Lamb led in prayer. Vernon Brazle and John Schaub served as ushers.
Also serving: Elvera Robison-welcome center; Paula Brunk-nursery 0-3; Suzanne Stinebring and Lukas Miller-pre-K teacher & assistant; Erin Klug and Cooper Price-Kids W teacher and assistant; Teresa Mayes-projection; and sound-Don Largent.

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