Five months after we were called upon to elect our nation's leaders, it's time to go to the polls again, this time to select those who will serve us at the local level.
And, in Ramsey, registered voters are being asked to decide a community issue.
On the ballot next Tuesday are the leadership positions for Fayette County municipalities and townships, as well as seats on local school boards.
Ramsey residents will also decide whether liquor sales will be allowed in that community.
Where you live will determine how many decisions you will have to make; while there are many uncontested races, there are some elected positions in which you will have a choice.
For example, residents in Vandalia's Ward I have two choices, and residents of Ramsey have three choices for the post of village president.
And, residents of Vandalia Township have two choices for supervisor and clerk, as well as eight candidates for four trustee seats.
Therefore, many of us will have some decisions to make, decisions that will affect our particular local government and/or school district in the future.
You will help determine the future of our municipalities and schools – what better reason is there to get out and vote next Tuesday.

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