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‘As the Eagle Flies’
Early Tuesday morning, Bill went outside to take care of the critters, and called to me to hurry out to see an eagle flying around over our pasture. As I was endeavoring to write this column (with no news having been submitted), I didn’t get out there soon enough to see the eagle, but it did remind me of the Scripture, Isaiah 40: 31, and it renewed my spirit and thought processes, which had, evidently, slowed down over Christmas season this year, amid all the other pressing events, road travel, phone calls, interviews, and general hustle and bustle. There did not even seem to be time to address and send any Christmas cards.
We did get to visit Lucille Fisher and Helen. That has become a favorite Christmas thing we do.  We stopped by friend Anna Marie Isobel’s home Christmas day, but we missed her.  
The usually happy and anticipated days of Christmases past were this year holding sorrow and sadness, as we had lost two close members of our family just recently (brother Joe’s wife, Betty, and my brother, Alec) and we had recently learned of several serious illnesses of friends and in our family, so the “Shadows of Christmas” seemed to be gathering too quickly and growing far too much in numbers.
We had not forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, and we slowed down every evening to remember this as we sat quietly by the fireplace together and enjoyed the Hallmark channel with the inspirational Christmas movies that portrayed the real spirit and truth of Christmas.
But even so, I had let the absence of news for this week’s column (and feelings of sadness for others) give admittance to feelings of discouragement … and then, a special gift, the eagle,  brought to mind the verse Isaiah 40:31, reminding me of the renewal of hope and strength that is promised … and delivered.
… And from Brother Joe …
… in Salem, Mo., a phone call with the wise words to us, “Savor each day”…
Roses to Chole Carson…
… who wrote a letter to President Obama, and received a letter from him in return!
Helping Hands Ministry
Help is needed on Jan. 5, 7 and 9. On Jan. 5, help is needed to unload the food brought back from the food bank in Bloomington at about 3 p.m.
On Jan. 7 and 9, help is needed from 10 a.m.-noon to distribute the food to those who need it. This all takes place at the Methodist Church in Brownstown.
This food is for anyone in the Brownstown area who is in need.
Helping Hands Appreciation Dinner…
… is Jan. 14, at 5 p.m., at the Methodist Church, for all who have helped with the Helping Hands Program this last year. For anyone who has given or worked at this ministry, take a dish to share.
Brownstown Library Children’s Crafts Program
Plans are in the making for the continuance of the children’s craft program. When the children arrive after school, they are given a treat (because, do you remember, children are always hungry right after school). A story is then read to them by Talisha Blomker, then the children make a craft, representing something from the story, such as a snowman, Christmas tree, etc.
The program is for children in kindergarten through third grade and for children in grades 4-6. The elementary school buses the children to the library after school, which is a real help to the parents.
Brownstown Churches Activities
Liberty Christian Church
Coin Wars Begin Jan. 1
As a part of the youth fundraising activities to raise funds for various Christ in Youth conferences, Sunday school classes are invited to participate in Coin Wars.
There will be a jar with each Sunday school class name on it.  The goal is to have more “points” in the jar than all of the other classes,
The winning class will get breakfast from the high school class. A detailed explanation of exactly how this game works will be posted by the jars and given to all of the Sunday school classes.  The competition will end on Youth Sunday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m.
Everyone is invited to participate; members don’t have to be in a Sunday school class to cast votes by donating to various classes.
Liberty Christian Youth are Going Ice Skating …
… on Sunday, Jan. 22. They will leave Sunday afternoon at 12:45 p.m. and plan to return about 7 p.m.  Skating times at Granite City are from 1:55-3:55 p.m. They will then eat pizza and head home. Parents are invited to go. The cost is $7 per person.
Liberty Youth Sunday-The ASAPH Project
The ASAPH Project is the traveling worship band for the St. Louis Christian College. Katie Carson is one of the worship leaders who is a part of this crew that seeks to glorify God and lead others through worship.
The Liberty high school youth and leaders have been working diligently to plan the upcoming Youth Sunday in January. Liberty Church are excited to welcome The Asaph Project to lead worship on Sunday, Jan. 29.    
Brownstown First Christian Church
• Leadership Meeting- Monday, Jan. 9, at 7 p.m.                                    

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