Seven years in meth case

A Brownstown man arrested on multiple methamphetamine charges in January this year has agreed to a prison sentence on one of those charges.

Travis W. Metzger, 44, last Wednesday waived his sentencing hearing and told Fayette County Resident Circuit Judge Don Sheafor that he had agreed to a seven-year prison sentence as proposed by the office of Fayette County State’s Attorney Joshua Morrison.
The sentencing agreement was for a charge of possession of methamphetamine-manufacturing materials, a Class 2 felony punishable by up to seven years in prison, or up to 14 years in cases where the defendant is eligible for an extended term.
The charge alleged that on Jan. 26, Metzger possession “ether, lye, cold compress pack and lithium strips from batteries, all being methamphetamine-manufacturing materials, with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine.”
As part of the plea agreement, Metzger will receive credit for 294 days that he has served in the Fayette County Jail and will also receive day-for-day credit on his prison term.
The charge to which Metzger pleaded guilty was one of three filed by Morrison’s office on Jan. 26. He was also charged with aggravated possession with the intent to deliver methamphetamine and unlawful possession of methamphetamine, each a Class X felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison, or up to 60 years for individuals eligible for extended terms.
According to court records, Morrison’s office filed a motion stating its intent not to prosecute Metzger on the Class X felony charges.
According to court records, Metzger pleaded guilty to the manufacturing materials charge on June 17 and was admitted into the circuit’s problem-solving drug court.
On Aug. 18, a bench warrant for Metzger was issued after the county’s probation office filed a report stating that there was probable cause that Metzger had violated the rules of drug court, according to court records.
Morrison’s office filed a petition to revoked Metzger’s problem-solving court status on Aug. 24, and on Sept. 29, Sheafor granted that petition, with a sentencing hearing set for last week.
Court records show that in May 2011, Metzger was given a six-year sentence on a charge of possession of methamphetamine-manufacturing materials and a sentence of five years on a charge of possession of less than 5 grams of methamphetamine.
They also show that in December 2013, he was given a three-year sentence on a charge of possession of less than 5 grams of methamphetamine.


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