Republicans win contested races

Tuesday could be called Red Tuesday, with Republicans posting wins across the United States at all levels. Fayette County was part of that trend, with Republicans winning all contested races.

Republican Donald Trump surprised most political experts by defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton, and in Fayette County, he was a big winner, with a 7,363-1,814 edge. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received 281 votes, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein received 57 votes.
Voter turnout was big across the country, and in Fayette County. Here, 9,711 of the county’s 13,336 registered voters (72.82 percent) went to the polls on Tuesday.
That big turnout helped Republicans Joshua Morrison, Kathy Emerick and Bruce Bowen to win re-election, and it also resulted in Republican Jenny (Austin) Waggoner unseating long-time District 1 representative and former board chairman Jean Finley in the only Fayette County Board race.
In the closest local race, Morrison garnered 51 percent of the vote in defeating former state’s attorney Democrat Stephen Friedel, 4,935-4,447.
Morrison won 19 of 31 precincts in securing a second four-year term as the county’s state’s attorney.
Emerick won 27 of 31 precincts and received 57 percent of the votes in defeating Democrat Ashley Towler, 5,542-3,937, for a second term as circuit clerk.
Bowen had the largest margin of victory, winning all 31 precincts and garnering 72 percent of the vote in defeating Democrat Lori Carter.
County Board
• District 1 – Jenny (Austin) Waggoner-R, 861; Jean B. Finley-D, 495.
• District 2 – Jeffrey E. Beckman-R, 1,195.
• District 3, four-year term – Glen “Whitey” Daniels-D, 1,169.
• District 3, two-year term – Chad Austin-R, 1,240.
• District 4 – Dean J. Bernhardt-R, 1,079.
• District 5 – Darrell Schaal-R, 1,180.
• District 6 – Bryce Kistler-R, 1,248.
• District 7 – Troy Pattillo-R, 1,153.
The election of Waggoner and Kistler gives the Republicans a 12-2 majority on the board.
In addition to Waggoner, Kistler, Beckman, Austin, Bernhardt, Schaal and Pattillo, Republicans on the board include Jacob Harris, John Blythe, Keith Cole, Glenn Gurtner and Wade Wilhour.
“Whitey” Daniels and John Daniels Jr. are the Democrats serving on the board.
Also in Fayette County, the county’s resident circuit judge, Republican Don Sheafor Jr. received 8,107 votes while running unopposed.
Also on the ballot was an issue in unincorporated Otego Township, where voters were asked, “Shall the prohibition upon the sale of alcoholic liquor be continued with Otego Township outside the corporate limits of the village of Brownstown?” In a 253-150 vote, the prohibition was discontinued.
One of the few Democrats winning on Tuesday was Tammy Duckworth, who defeated Republican Mark Kirk for a U.S. Senate seat. However, in Fayette County, Kirk held a 5,744-3,196 edge.
Other Fayette County vote totals:
• Illinois comptroller – Leslie Munger-R, 6,244; Susana Mendoza-D, 2,575.
• U.S. Congress – John Shimkus-R, 8,241. No Democrat candidate.
• State representative, 107th District – John Cavaletto-R, 8,085. No Democrat candidate.
• Fifth District Appellate Court – John B. Barberis Jr.-R, 5,873; Brad K. Bleyer-D, 2,954. James R. “Randy” Moore-R, 5,853; Jo Beth Weber-D, 3,059.
• Fourth Judicial Circuit judge retention – William Robin Todd, 60.51 percent “yes”; Douglas L. Jarman, 57.13 percent; Mike McHaney, 57.24 percent; Mark W. Stedelin, 59.13 percent.

Joshua Morrison

Kathy Emerick

Bruce Bowen

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