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Weekend Visitors
Mitch, Gretchen, Owen, Aaron and Henry Harpster of Jackson, Mo., spent Friday to Sunday with Dane and Belinda Harpster of St. Peter.
On Saturday, Belinda, Gretchen, the boys, and Mahala and Harper Jacquin went to Greenup to Grissom Lost Creek Orchard. They enjoyed the petting zoo, had lunch at Dairy Queen and returned home.
Upon returning home, Owen and Aaron went to the field to ride in the combine with Papa Dane, and ride in the grain truck with their dad.
That evening, the Harpsters and Jacquins enjoyed dinner at Schaefer’s.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Worship attendance on Sunday morning was 154.
The organist was Rita Yagow.
Tristan Roberts served as acolyte.
Attending elders were Darrell Wollin and Allen Magnus.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Zoey Hoehler
-Floyd Oertwig
-Olga Michel
-Doris Runge, celebrating her 90th birthday on Oct. 13.
• Those with long-term health concerns:
-Kevin Courson
-Mark Dunaway
-Randy Dorr
-Ed Morton
-Maria Oswald
-Charlotte VanWinkle
-Dennis Lee
-Stefan Goolsby
-Donna Oertwig
-Kathy Hassebrock
-Keith Manley
-John Stedlin
-Rhonda Morgan
-Carolyn Maske
-Jill Quandt
-Eva Alcorn
• Timber Middleton
• John Taylor
• Judy Jenne
• Doris Runge
• Jan Mendonca
• Joann Carpenter
• Keith Graumenz
• Shirley Harmeier
• Twila Magnus
• Wesley Warden
• Hunter Brandt
• Kevin Roberts
• Karen Benning
• Ron and Sara Hollmann
• Chris and Jane Miller
• Lavern and Esther Magnus
• Daniel and Penny Davis

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