Electronic recycling could be lost

In May, we published a story about how abuse could kill the electronic recycling program offered by the Fayette County Soil and Water District. Four months later, that's more of a possibility.
While the program was initially offered free of charge, its operating costs have necessitated charging a $5 fee for each load of items turned in for recycling.
Yet, there are many who try to use the service without paying that fee. The more who do that, the more likely that the service will no longer be offered.
The trailer for electronic recycling is available from 1-5 p.m. every Wednesday. The problem is that many items to be recycled are being left outside the trailer at night.
The bigger issue is that if we aren't willing to pay a nominal fee for the service, we could be left without it. A secondary issue is that one employee is left with trying to load the overnight dropoffs, some of which are quite hefty, by herself.
Think about it – isn't it worth paying the small fee of $5 to get rid of worn-out or broken items. And think of what it would cost to dispose of them legally otherwise.
We've had abuse kill off recycling programs in the past in this community, and we encourage everyone who uses the electronic recycling service to prevent its death by simply paying for it.

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