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‘Singing in the Rain’
In answer to the frog inquiries, we figured that Tarzan, the little tree frog, would have left our porch by now, but we have noticed that every time it rains, he vocalizes with his little frog sound, as if welcoming the “rain drops falling on his head.” We also like to hear him at night, as he joins in the night sounds on the homestead.
Bill heard another little frog nearby, seeming to answer Tarzan, so we have named her “Jane.”
Sometimes, when I take my coffee out on the porch in the early mornings, he makes his little welcoming sound, but he hides behind my chair.
We believe he is catching bugs that gather around the porch light at night, and there has been plenty of moisture, with the heavy dews and the rains, so he must be faring well. We wonder if he will hibernate this winter and be back with us next spring.
The Barn Critters…
… are handling the weather in their own ways. The burros, mother Madricka and baby Buckwheat, like to nap right out in the sun, as do the longhorn “Cow-Girls,” but lady, the little senior mini-mare, chooses to stay in the barn, in the shade and under the window fan.
Katie, the lab/blue heeler mix doggie, likes to lie in her plastic lawn chair.
The chicken roost residents – Cogburn, the banty rooster, and Blackie and Rhonda (hens) – seem to be handling the hot weather OK, but the girls have slacked off on laying eggs again.
We thought Blackie was preparing to set and raise a family, but she must have decided it was too hot for that. She is spending more time in the pen again.
Rooster Cogburn is still crowing when we turn in the driveway, returning home. We don’t know if he is welcoming us back home or announcing to the other critters that we have come back home.
A Men In Blue Prayer Service …
… will be held at the Brownstown City Park (just west of the Memorial Wall) at 6:30 p.m. this Friday. This is for the policemen, all law officers, firefighters, First Responders and EMS personnel.
Whether the uniform colors are blue, brown or the yellow gear of the firefighters, they represent the protection the men and women wearing them provide for us,  and put their lives on the line willingly to do so.
Please plan to attend the service, which will probably last about an hour. Local clergy will be present to lead the service. Take your lawn chairs.
In the event of rain, the service will be held in the United Methodist Church, just east across the street from the Veterans Memorial Wall. For more information, call 427-3866.
Attention, Sefton HCE Members
We have yet more changes in the plans to go to Peg Stukemeyers’ to see the quilting machine. To catch up, the original date was last Thursday, which was postponed due to an HCE workshop and rescheduled for this Thursday, which was postponed and is now scheduled for nexgt Thursday.
A carpool is advised because of limited parking space.
The time to meet (originally 11 a.m.) at the Brownstown High School parking lot for a carpool (with cookies) has now been changed to 12:30 p.m., and do not take cookies.
The quilting machine will be interesting to see, and there may be an opportunity to operate it. We appreciate Ms. Stuckemeyer’s hospitality in inviting us to visit.
All Tickets On Sale Now
RFD’S  “Larry’s Diner” personality and spokesman for all of  the chickens on Springer Mountain farms, “Gus” Arendale, are  generously donating the chickens to fill the freezer.
First prize is a freezer full of chicken; second is $100, third is $50 and fourth is $25.
Tickets are sold at the Brownstown Library and Fayette County Real Estate in Vandalia (Kelly Washburn). One ticket is $10 and three tickets are $20.
The Golden Years Club …
… has long served our community and surrounding areas by sharing its club building (the old Pilger building) for others’ use for wedding anniversaries, fundraisers, birthdays, receptions, graduations, reunions, etc.
In the past, the building has held community event and services, such as Fayette County Health Department blood pressure clinics and flu shot clinics and Red Cross blood drives.
The Golden Years Club has been the site for public presentations and programs, such as the presentations of the history of Brownstown for the community. The building itself has a colorful history, once the site of traveling drama troups, the old reminders of such may still remain.
The club has always worked, independently, to support itself, declining help from the government.
A large part of its expenses was paid through the work of the members (men and women) making their delicious apple butter, which drew customers from other states.
One can still remember the fragrant aroma of the simmering apples in the autumn early morning’s air as it was cooked outside of the building in a huge copper kettle, usually stirred by the men with long wooden ladles, as the women worked in the kitchen, washing, peeling and cutting up the apples, and sterilizing the jars and lids for canning, all working together in pleasant companionship for the good of their club.    
The Golden Years members have worn out their meeting place and are now looking to finding a newer and safer home.
They have provided a way for those who wish to donate to the club’s future meeting place. You can donate by going to or at First National Bank of Brownstown.  

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