Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
So what can you do with a blank piece of paper at recess? Write about Evergreen Outreach’s wonderful entertaining meeting!  

We welcomed all our friends back, since it has been two months since our last meeting. We welcomed back everyone, especially Phyllis Rames, Shirley Locke, and Erna and her granddaughter.
We sang our welcome and Outreach songs a capella at our leader’s (Beulah Brown) request, and really missed having a pianist.
Not to be deterred, we listened to the Rev. Joe Lawson, talk about not letting our heart be discouraged by sin.
Paraphrasing from the book of Hebrews, he told the story of a 3-year-old boy who was to walk down the aisle at an important wedding. He described how the little one had an older friend who told him not to be afraid, and encouraged him.
On the day of the wedding, with all the people staring at him, he started down the aisle, then hesitated, but when he saw his friend, he quickly went to his place in the front of the church.
It is good to encourage them, give them confidence and help – this is the way God works to melt hearts that are hardened.
Then, Rev. Joe prayed for and with us.
After asking for smiles, Beulah told us a story about an imaginary bus trip up and down a mountain. She took us to see the mountains, with huge trees, bears, moose, deer and eagles soaring overhead. Then, we crossed an imaginary river, over the bridge and back down into the valley and arrived at the EO meeting. It was a fun trip!
Our entertainment today was Judy Varga and Randy Schukar. Judy started the music with a solo “Stand by the River and Wait for Me.” This was a hearty, uplifting number that brought smiles to every face.
This was followed by our most comical and confusing chicken dance. We go up and down, clapping and bending, and then we snake through each other’s arms – it’s a well-controlled chaotic scene!
Next, the locomotion train ride started with churning wheels and made whistle stops. There was not any smoke rising, but there was plenty of puffing among the dancers (pretend railroad cars)!  
The fine collection of about 15 songs was delivered with many dancers taking to the floor.
No one would dare to be serious except during the devotions.
We danced in lines, circles, couples, pairs and sometimes singles.
This is not predictable or controlled, but an expression of the joy that we share coming to God’s house and accepting His love. Now, one song that stands out from the others was “Pretty Woman,” during which Judy, dressed in a pink and white feather boa, proceeded to dangle it around Randy’s neck with more wicked sounding yesses than you would feel comfortable with, unless it was Halloween.
Another comical song, “Elvira,” stood out, because we all set on stage and swayed to the music. For some reason, “Crazy” got more dancers on the floor.
Bob Varga, Jeannie and Debbie all danced to the most ridiculous song – “You ain’t Woman enough to take my Man” – to which Judy again chimed in with her wicked yesses! What a kick!
The pinochle table was quiet, with Richard teamed up with Shirley and Rosamund teamed with Mary. I’m certain they had a good day
 Unfortunately, we will not be having our EO meeting on Sept. 5, because it is Labor Day, so the next meeting will be  Oct 3.  Hope to see you then!


Randy Schukar and Judy Varga

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