Be prepared for changes to trash pickup

You probably have started seeing bright orange trash containers in different parts of Vandalia. Maybe one of those showed up on the curb in front of your residence; if not, it soon will.
Those containers are part of the changes being implemented for residential customers of Doty Sanitation Service within the city borders.
Doty customers are to place all of their weekly trash in those containers, and to then put the container streetside; Doty will start picking up trash from streets, not alleys. And it will not pick up trash in bags or other containers set on the ground.
It will take some getting used to, and there are sure to be some instances where Doty will have to make some compromises; they say that they are willing to talk to residents about issues they have because of the changes.
Doty is currently following these practices in other communities, and the company says that they are working out well.
Change isn't easy and it isn't always good for everyone, and, hopefully, any issues can get ironed out early on in the process.

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