Exxon/Mobil Annuitants

Eighteen members and eight guests met at the Ponderosa Steakhouse in Vandalia on June 30 for the monthly meeting and noon luncheon for ExxonMobil Annuitants Club.
The pledge to the flag was given and then there was a moment of silence for member Bettye Sprayberry, who died on Monday, June 27. Brock Fisher asked the meal blessing.
After the meal, President Dean Black opened the meeting with a welcome to members and guests. The secretary and treasurer report was read and approved.
Birthdays and anniversaries for June were read. Two cards were passed around for members to sign for those in need of cards. Elloise Black handed out several Deed Awards to members who had given of their time to different organizations for their volunteer time.
ExxonMobil encourages their retirees to volunteer their time to their communities.
Those who had earned the awards are D. R. and Pat Caldwell, LaVerne Laux, Dick and Barb Lounsbury, Vera Miller, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Martha Shelton, Dinah Poe, Junior and Betty Williams, and Dean and Elloise Black.
Next month’s meeting will be on July 28 in Litchfield at Maverick Restaurant.
Guests present were Jane Hammond, Pat Hamilton, Karen Wilken, Kenneth and Angie Hagan, Braden Schwarm, Bradley Schwarm and Gary H. Larimore.
Members present were Dean and Elloise Black, Dallas and Jo Fairley, Betty Feezel, Brock and Madelon Fisher, Carolyn Johnson, LaVerne Laux, Cy and Lorene Locke, Dick and Barb Lounsbury, Dorothy Meier, Vera Miller, Martha Shelton, and Junior and Betty Williams.

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