Rally shows support for schools

A rally in downtown Vandalia last Wednesday afternoon that urged the passage of a state budget obviously caught the eyes of our governor and state legislators. And that rally would not have been successful were it not for a number of local people.
First, there are two local individuals who have been in the forefront of the effort to have equitable school funding in Illinois, a state that ranks dead last when it comes to that unequity – Vandalia Superintendent of Schools Rich Well and Sandoval Superintendent Jennifer Garrison, a Vandalia Community High School graduate.
Those two school officials have attended numerous meetings throughout the state and contributed countless hours to the equitable funding issue. And while that coalition's efforts have thus far only led to the passage of a stop-gap budget, we remain optimistic that their ultimate mission is successful.
Others who played a key role in the success of last week's rally were you, the local residents of all ages who felt that it was important enough to give an hour of their time.
Why is it important for everyone in the community to be concerned about equitable school funding? Because it affects all of us. Our children should have the same educational opportunities as those in all other communities; having those opportunities makes our children better prepared for the real world and, at the same time, improves our community.
Not dwelling on the success of last week's rally, Well emphasizes that their fight isn't over – it's going to take a lot more time and hard work to right the wrongs in the state's education funding.
But we've shown our state officials that we are up for the fight.

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