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Believe It or Not
We can hardly believe it, but it sounds like Tarzan, the little tree frog, and it looks like Tarzan, and we don’t really think it is him. But the past few days, a little green tree frog has taken up residence on our back porch. He hides in the daytime behind my lawn chair, but sometimes we catch a glimpse of him. One day, there were two of the little creatures on our porch.
One day, he was sitting on our storm door, so up high and close to the edge,
that we were careful that he didn’t jump into the kitchen. We didn’t see him there today, but as I was walking to the mailbox, I heard one, loud and clear, singing from the tree next to the critter barn. Tarzan was hanging out at the barn right after the artificial tree episode.
It is hard to believe that he is coming up on the porch, but they all seem to have the same family resemblance (green, thin and leggy) and we can’t tell them apart.
The Mane & Coat Stylists …
… (namely Bill & Panzi) set up the shop in the barn pen yesterday and “styled”   the summer coats of mother Madricka, baby Buckwheat and Lady, the senior mini-horse. First in order was: a hand-full of hay; then “the big brush-out,” to get rid of the excess heavy coats; a snack of carrots, as they had stood pretty patiently (except for Bucky); and then more brushing to smooth their coats and bring out the shine, which they tolerated quietly (except for Bucky).
They all enjoyed another snack of carrots (even Bucky). The final styling (at least  for this time) was then finished, with the results of pretty and smooth summer coats and manes (except for Bucky, who still looks a little unkempt, especially around his ears).
Lady looked very pretty with a lot of white showing and Madrica, likewise, with her spotted coat.
Bucky doesn’t have a spotted coat, but he is a handsome little guy. Madricka and Bucky both have a cross across their shoulders, which, the legend goes, was placed on them because the little donkey carried Mary, the mother of Jesus to the stable, then soon after, the two of them to safety, and then, again, when Jesus made the triumphant entry. I am convinced our Creator is very fond of the little donkey.
That was the first session of brushing and cleaning. There will be another session before long, which we think they really enjoy … except for Bucky.
July 4th Musical on Sunday …
… at First Baptist Church – “American Dreams,” on Sunday at 2 p.m.
“Check Out” the Brownstown Branch Library
… for good books, movies, magazines, newspapers, computer use, etc., etc., plus, the following, as reported in the …
… Brownstown Branch Library Friends meeting
… held on June 13 at the library. It was reported that the recent fundraiser bake sale was very successful, An anonymous donation of $1.000 was recently received, which helped the Friends provide $5,000 for operating expenses of the local library.
The summer reading program is going on and will last through July. It was reported that 36 children attended the past week and 26 attended this week.
A bicycle safety course was given this week and the fire department will be giving a program next week.
Coming up will be programs put on by Ballard Nature Center.
The Library Friends will soon be selling tickets for a freezer filled with Springer Mountain chicken. Tickets will be $10 each. A drawing will be held in October and other prizes will be awarded also.
NADINE is Coming Back!
Nadine will be at the Brownstown High School gym on Oct. 8 for her last appearance for the library in this area. Nadine is a generous lady and has shared her gift for making people laugh by holding fundraisers for the library other times.
Appearing with her at the concert will be the music of “Thunder Road” and the humor of Steve Ingram of Decatur.  
During the evening, a raffle will be held for items autographed and donated by Nashville artists, and the drawing for the freezer full of chicken will also be held.  
Tickets will soon be available for the freezer full of chicken and for Nadine’s concert.
Attending the June 13 meeting were  Fred and Connie Bingaman, Amy Denton, Billie Enlow, Bonnie Kramer, Loretta Nickels, Tracy Schoo, Kathy Stokes, Joann Strobel, Ginny Wilber and Pattie Williams.
Free Summer Lunches for Kids …
… is continuing on Wednesdays, at Brownstown United Methodist Church, with pick-up from 11-11:30 a.m. only. A nutritious lunch, including a fruit flavored drink, is given each week to any child who comes in, with no registration or questions asked.
Golden Years Club Met …
… on Tuesday, June 14, at the VFW Post 9770, building, with 24 members and friends signing the register.
The club president, Pastor Don Thomas, greeted all present. The blessing for the meal was asked by Pastor Jim Dann, and those who had special June dates and the guests were invited to be served first from the bountiful serving tables.
Following the meal and Donnie Smail’s kitchen cleanup, assisted by his capable crew, Pastor Don called the meeting to order and asked for the treasurer’s report.  Treasurer Smail gave the financial report.
Following was some brief discussion regarding the club’s search and progress toward a suitable and available, affordable building/site, as the village has denied the request to build on the present club-owned available site.  
Pastor Don shared information about the community garden, stating that donations had been made toward the plants and seeds.
Pastor Don said that they did not plant the regular garden plants, such as green beans, etc., but rather planted things that could also be used for the food pantry, such as squash, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.  
He also said that a new (needed) freezer, with a 10-year warranty, had been purchased for the food pantry.
He announced that liaison person Mr. O’Kuly would be present at the next meeting.
Following the business meeting, Pastor Don  read some riddles to the club, most of which were readily answered by the members. Pastor Don commented that the Golden Years seniors were pretty smart. The riddles brought to mind a Golden Years faithful member, the late Berniece Bosomworth, who always entertained the members with a riddle.
Pastor Don also read a poem, followed by Dee Dee Diveley with one of her always humorous contributions to the entertainment.
Pastor Don also gave information about an upcoming special food program that will be presented by the Catholic charity Sisters.
He also said that volunteer help is needed for the local ministerial alliance’s food pantry food program, with unloading the truck and distribution.
The Golden Years Club potluck/meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, with the meal at noon.  
Sefton Unit HCE Meeting …
… was held on Wednesday at Emmanuel Methodist Church, with 15 in attendance.  
The main table was decorated in the IAHCE theme for the year, “Rollin’ Down the River,” with a small boat flying a small American flag and a banner with the words Sefton HCE Unit.
The boat was sitting on the bed of river rock, with genuine Kaskaskia River water surrounding the boat and covering the rock. A rose in a vase sat near the door prizes basket and completed the centerpiece.
The table also held cards that were signed by all for club sisters Sharon Wilhelm, Rosemund Hobler and Ilene Sidwell, who were unable to attend.
Flo Allen, club president, called the meeting to order and led the pledge to the American flag. Elizabeth Kasten, secretary, took roll call and read the minutes. New member Jeanne Hohlt was welcomed.
Allen presented the lesson, “Vinegar”, which told of many uses for vinegar. Following the presentation, several members contributed ways in which they used vinegar as a cleaning agent in their home.
Allen also presented the lesson “Simplified Your Life By Decluttering,” which was also helpful in pinpointing the reasons people retain clutter, the effects clutter can have on your life (stress causing both physical and mental issues), and advice and pointers on separating clutter from things really meaningful and important to your life.
Both lessons were well presented by Allen and were informational and helpful.
Allen ssaid that Eden’s Glory, the human trafficking survivor home the club is helping, still needs T-shirts, and they can be dropped off at her home or brought to meetings.
The group discussed the Sefton unit’s annual “Outing Day,” with two options considered. The possibilities were to be checked on before a final decision will be made.
Refreshments of fruit pizza and drinks were served on patriotically designed plates and napkins. Hostesses were Connie Largent and Panzi Blackwell. Drinks were provided by Connie Green.
Canned food items were brought by members for the food pantry. Books were also brought by some for members to take home.
Door prizes were won by DeeDee Diveley, Phyllis Pryor, Connie Largent and Betty Williams.
Also present were Flo Allen, Ina Abendroth, Hohlt, Delores Dukeman, Lois Jackson, Phyllis Bruno, Carol Behrends, Sally Behrends, Kasten, Carol Oldham, Green and Blackwell.   
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Don and Ellen Willms and led in songs of praise by Karen Underwood, Cathy Smith and Melody Wise, accompanied by pianist Susan Smith and guitarists Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney.  
Brent Keyes led the Communion meditation. Special music was contributed by Susan Smith. Kendall Bopp delivered the message.  A baptism was celebrated at the end of the service.           
Also serving: Sunday School nursery-Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery-Rae Lynn Koehler; toddler worship-Claudia and Robbi Edwards; Quest-4-Christ-Q-4-C team; and shut-ins-Don Lovett and Brent Keyes.
• July 4 Musical-Brownstown Baptist Church, Sunday at 2 p.m.
• Leadership meeting-Friday, July 11, at 7 pm.

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