Exxon/Mobil Annuitants

The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club was invited to Mike and Laura Mulhern’s home on Lake Yaeger in Litchfield for a picnic lunch and a tour of Lake Yaeger on pontoon boats on Thursday, May 26, with 20 members and three guests attending.
After everyone arrived and the food was ready, Dean Black asked for a moment of silence for Marty Gorman, a member who died recently. He always enjoyed coming to the meetings when he was able.
Black then gave the meal prayer. Club members enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs, and all of the trimmings.
Mike Mulhern was the chief cook, and he and his wife were great hosts. Club members enjoyed the beautiful view from the Mulhern’s back yard with the lake in the background, with picnic tables set up for dining.
After the meal, Laura Mulhern gathered everyone in a group for picture-taking, and she also went around to all the tables and took photos.
The Mulherns had two pontoon boats ready for the group to tour the lake, and Andy Furman and Michael Treece served as boat captains.
Club members thanked the Mulherns for hosting the gathering.
The next meeting of the group will be in Vandalia at Ponderosa Steakhouse on June 30.
Those attending were: Dean and Elloise Black, Wayne Buck, D.R. and Pat Caldwell, Harry Craddick, Carolyn Johnson, Ronald and Janet Klotz, LaVerne Laux, Paul and Nancy Mihalek, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Tom and Nancy Neunaber, David and Dinah Poe and granddaughter Natalie, and Maurice and Jonella Spihlmann, and guests Jane Hammond and Karen Wilken.

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