Help two groups helping Vandalia

Last Thursday, two groups whose work can greatly benefit Vandalia got together to discuss some ways to do that. One organization is new, and the other is a long-standing group that is going through a revitalization.
New officers for the Vandalia Historical Society at its meeting at the Little Brick House, one of our historical assets that the group is tring to promote.
At about the same time on Thursday, the first public meeting of the city's beautification committee was held, with members of that group welcoming new members and talking about some ways to brighten the city's appearance.
The work of each is extremely important to our city.
With tourism being the second-biggest industry in Illinois, we need to capture some of the state's tourists by getting the word out about our history and historical sites. The Vandalia Historical Society plays a big role in that.
And, obviously, the status of our community's appearance – and finding ways to improve it – is a major issue.
There's a place for everyone in either one of those organizations. With the former, residents can help with fundraising efforts as well as volunteer to help serve tourists at historical sites. With the latter, volunteers can help plant flowers and trees, or get involved in other beautification projects; then there are those who can give a huge boost to those efforts simply by cleaning up or sprucing up their property.
One way or another, there's a place in one of those organizations for all of us.

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