Longtime coach and teacher named as new golf coach

The Vandalia School Board announced last Tuesday at a Vandalia School Board meeting that retired VJHS teacher Kevin Schroeder will fill the head coaching vacancy left behind by Joe Kelly. While coaching is nothing new for retired VJHS teacher Kevin Schroeder, coaching golf is.
“My golf skills aren’t very good,” Schroeder said.  “But, I coached track for 33 years and tennis for 17, so I have had a lot of coaching (experience).
"So I know what needs to be expected. We want to represent our school and represent them in the right way.”
Schroeder says the position was never on his mind, but what started out as kind of a joke turned into a serious suggestion, Schroeder explained.
“I had a couple of players kind of at first, jokingly, said, ‘You ought to think about doing it,' and I kind of just shrugged it off because I hadn’t thought about it,” Schroeder said. “I started thinking about it, and within a week, I go, ‘I can do that.’”
After teaching for more than 35 years and coaching for a large majority of those, it’s safe to say Schroeder believes he has the necessary tools to lead, despite his admittedly low golf IQ.
“I’m not knowledgeable as far as golf is, but I am a good organizer and I’ll make sure the players will represent Vandalia the way they are supposed to represent Vandalia,” Schroeder said.
“Every meet that we go to, we will be competitive and we will put our best foot forward.”
Where he lacks in golf knowledge, he plans on bringing in a little bit of outside help.
Particularly, Kelly, who despite resigning from his head coaching position, has volunteered to help Schroeder as the season progresses.
“What I am going to do, I am going to get Joe Kelly, who coached last year (to help),” Schroeder said. “Coach Kelly will be a big help as far as working with the guys.
"He’s very knowledgeable and he can really help them out.  I am sure the there are a couple other people I can talk to, that in certain points of the season, can come in and give good advice.”
Another factor in accepting the position is partially because Schroeder has a son on the team, Alec, who was selected onto the all-conference team.
The other key returner will be Scott Shulman, who advanced to sectionals last season with the best average on the team.
And while the Schroeder might not be able to offer specific golf tips, he believes his coaching experience will help his team represent their school the best they can.

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