Farmers can seek assistance for damage from flooding

The flooding in late December has caused producers in Fayette County to suffer damage to their farmland. Now, producers may be eligible for cost-share assistance under the ECP program to rehabilitate farmland damaged by the flooding.
This disaster program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency, which provides assistance to producers if the damage is so severe that it is too costly to restore themselves.
Assistance may include removing debris, grading, shaping, or releveling farmland or restoring conservation structures.  
A producer qualifying for ECP assistance may receive cost-share, not to exceed 75 percent of producer’s actual cost, and must not exceed 50 percent of the agricultural market value of the land.
Maximum payment cannot exceed $200,000 per person or legal entity. The minimum qualifying cost of restoration is $1,000 per participant.
Requests for assistance will be accepted at the Fayette County FSA office through May 2. On-site inspections will be conducted for requests to determine whether damage meets ECP requirements.
Currently, funding has not been made available, and requests for cost-share may not be approved until funding has been authorized.
For more information, contact the Fayette County FSA office at 283-2311.

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