Brownstown-Sefton News

Josie, the Senior Doggie, Yearning for Texas …
… Or Florida or the Bahamas, etc. Early Tuesday morning, we heard Josie barking loudly and consistently. Going to see what was wrong, we found her in her little bed in the living room, barking, evidently, because she was cold and her Tinker Bell blanket wasn’t over her.
We covered her up with her blanket and she quieted right down. It was 73 degrees in the house, which is usually how we like it, but it did seem a little chilly that morning … and she let us know it was not warm enough for her!
It is obvious she is progressively getting older, but she still seems to enjoy life, eating, going in the car with us, and bedtime, when she has us both in the same room where she can see us.
She has, besides her Tinker Bell blanket, a flannel one with neon-bright colors, and  also a soft, pink baby blanket, but the Tinker Bell is her favorite.
The cold air really bothers her when she goes outside, although she has her warm, winter coats. They do not cover her legs and feet, and sometimes, with the cold and, with her confusion about where she is, it is just about too much for her.
Therefore, we think she would like to go to Texas for the winters, but as it would be such a chore (and expense) to take everybody – Betsy and the rest of the longhorn cows; Lady, the senior mini-horse; Rhonda and Blackie Hens; and Medricka and her baby burro, Bucky – along, we will stay here on the Homestead in Brownstown, in Fayette County, and take extra precautions to see that no one gets excessively chilly.
Anyway, spring weather is just about three months (13 weeks) away.
December Items for the Food pantry
Items for December are: four cans of vegetables and four cans of fruit. Anything would be appreciated.
Stephanie Kilzer Presenting …
… a recital this Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Brownstown Christian Church.  Enjoy the music and take cookies for the cookie exchange.
Brownstown Library Friends’ Big Christmas Give-Away!!
Tickets are now being sold for the Library Friends’ Big Christmas Give-Away: first prize-5-cubic-foot freezer and $600 meat voucher; second prize-$300 meat voucher; third prize-$200 meat voucher; and fourth prize-$100 meat voucher.
Tickets may be bought at the Brownstown Library and DeerPark, and also at Rural King in Vandalia this Saturday, from 9 a.m.-noon.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Andrew Grull, Jeffrey Kelly, Don Holding, Rebecca Evans, Amber Bruno, Jim Green and Laura O’Kuly. Anniversary-Jim and Connie Gteen.
Coming & Going
Homesteaders’ Thanksgiving(s)
#1- Bill and Panzi Blackwell enjoyed an early Thanksgiving dinner with brother and wife, Alec and Marge Cohoon, in Taylorville last Saturday. The traditional meal was much enjoyed, as was the beloved company.  
#2-  Bill and Panzi spent Thanksgiving Day with daughter Jill and husband Don in their home, along with: Jeremy and Lindsey Gatewood and children Destiny, Gage and Emily;  Brandie Jenkins and children Zachary, Austin and Savannah; and Lucy, the family granddog. Donnie Jr. Jenkins was unable to attend because of work.
The food again was delicious and again with beloved company.
Thanksgiving Call
Son Jim Depew called to wish the Homesteaders (namely, Bill & Panzi) a happy Thanksgiving from the family, as he also had to work that day.
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church of Brownstown was greeted by Chuck and Billie Enlow, and led in songs of praise by Kevin Bonifacius, Susan Smith and Matthew Smith. Robin Lovett accompanied on the piano.
Following the welcome, announcements and prayer, Communion was led by Duane Willms.
Special music was contributed by the Sunday school kids, followed by the morning message, delivered by Pastor Kevin Bonifacius.  
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery-Tena Gould; toddler worship- Joann Strobel and Cathy Smith; Quest-4-Christ, Q-4-C-Team; and shut-ins-Bill Smith and Mitch Koehler.
Notice of Change
The children’s program has been changed to Dec. 20 at 9:30 a.m.
• Ladies’ Christmas dinner and Secret Sister reveal-Friday at 6 p.m. Take a side dish/dessert to share. The meat (ham) will be provided.
• Bed, Bethlehem & Beyond Christmas program will be Sunday, Dec. 20, at 9:30 a.m.
• Leadership meeting-Monday, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m.
• Caring & Sharing baskets need to be turned in by Dec. 17.
• Combined Christmas service with Liberty Christian Church will be at BFCC on Sunday, Dec. 20, at 6 p.m.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of the Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship hour as pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude.
Mannie Orr and Jr. Williams served as ushers, and Jarin Evans, Montana Arnold, Dakota Arnold and Courtney Arnold lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the prayer list and led in prayer.
The morning message was delivered by Thomas.
Pam Orr led the children’s worship, and served cakes and juice. Flo Allen led the adult class and served coffee.
• Sunday at 4 p.m-Wolf Creek Cluster Advent service at St. Elmo UMC. Finger foods to follow.
• Dec. 13-March to the Manger. A special Christmas offering.
• Dec. 20 at 6 p.m- All-church Christmas potluck at Brownstown
UMC. Plates to shut-ins at 5. Offering goes to United Methodist Village at Lawrenceville and United Methodist Children’s Home at Mt. Vernon. Please note the change of date.

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