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Critters Ready For Winter…
… especially little Baby Bucky Burro. His pretty, long ears are now fuzzy, as his is face, which makes him all the cuter. He is just about as tall as his mom, Madricka, but she still corrects him with a stern little “nib” when he is acting up and trying to push her away from the carrots and petting.
They both watch for the back door to open in the early mornings, and Madricka usually sends a message that it is time for breakfast when she sees us.
It reminds us of the late adorable little donkey, “Smoky,” who always seemed to know when Bill poured his first cup of coffee. He would start braying for his breakfast before Bill could get his first sip of coffee. We never figuted that out how Smoky knew when Bill poured his cup of coffee.
Lady, the senior mini-horse, waits patiently for her breakfast. The only sound she makes is a soft, little nicker, which I love to hear. She is really getting up in years, but it seems that she is prettier than ever.  She has her pen and her side of the barn all to herself now. We think she likes it better that way, but she seems to visit with Madricka through the fence. We think “the kid” probably got on her nerves.
But all three have put on their winter coats of thicker, fuzzier texture, ready for colder weather.
Whoops!! Forgot something
Or rather, misplaced it. A couple of weeks ago, we received some mail for the column, including a letter, with a pretty picture of a bird at the birdfeeder. Unfortunately, that was during the time when the pesky TIA’s were attacking, and I have mislaid the items. I know I did not throw them away, just misplaced them, and I will find them again.
My desk has gotten really cluttered, and I am sure the letter and picture are amidst the layer(s) on the desk. Please forgive me for the delay in acknowledging your very appreciated items and articles.
For me, the initials TIA stand for  “termination in attentiveness” and the ability to remember instantly where you put something.
However, that is all getting better – I just need to catch up on what I have (apparently) missed those few days.   
Community Thanksgiving Service …
… at Brownstown First Baptist Church at 6 p.m. on Sunday.
Golden Years Club Meeting …
… was held Tuesday, Nov. 10, at the VFW Post 9770 building, with 29 members and friends present, and they were honored to have veterans Chris Shockley, Jim Tine, Thomas Lucken, David Cox and Bill Haller join them for the Thanksgiving  pot luck dinner,
The club president, Pastor Don Thomas, welcomed all present, recognized the guests and asked the blessing for the meal. He invited the guests and those celebrating November birthdays and anniversaries to be served first.
Following the meal, Thomas called for a brief meeting and shared the in following formation:
• November had been the best month yet for the Helping Hands Food Program, as they had served 400 people and 135 families. The program is sponsored by all of the Brownstown-Sefton churches.
• The food program was in need of gallon zip-closure plastic storage bags for distribution of the bulk foods, such as flour.
• Golden Years’ Christmas potluck will be held the second Tuesday in December.
Social Time Participation
DeeDee Diveley told of her recent experiences, including the loss of her “grabber,’ a tool that she uses her quest for various things (“Dumpster Diving”),  she collects for charitable causes, i.e.   lids from empty Prairie Farm milk containers. Coca-Cola bottle caps, etc.; the loss of her car keys when she attended the Halloween parade in Vandalia ; worse yet, unable to find her car at the same event. Fortunately, friend and former neighbor Jeremy Durbin helped her locate her car, for which she had located the keys.
Thomas told of a tire blowing out during the transportation of the foods and the spare tire going flat also, which required the purchase of a new tire.
Volunteer help for the unloading of the food is always welcome. Check with Pastor Don for more information.
• Pastor Don commented that every day is touched by a miracle and read several humorous church stories   
Sefton Unit HCE Met…
… on Thursday, Nov. 12, at Emmanuel Methodist Church, with 20 members in attendance. The club chairman, Flo Allen, led the pledge to the American flag, followed by Joyce Mueller, club secretary, asking the roll call question, “What is your favorite sandwich?”      
Mueller read the minutes of the last meeting, Shirley Klitzing, club treasurer, gave the financial report. Allen read the board notes and read a letter sent to the club by Sharing & Caring.
Allen had brought small white pumpkins for each one present. All were to write their blessinga on the pumpkins, which were then read around the table. There were many similarities in the blessings among the members, such as families, God, homes, health and friends.
Allen passed CVA (volunteer) sheets our to be completed and returned by the Christmas party.
The Sefton Christmas party was discussed and it was decided to meet at Mary Ann’s Family Restaurant in St. Elmo at 11 a.m.  on the second Thursday in December.
Everyone has been asked to bring a wrapped $2 grab-bag gift, and quart or gallon zip-closure plastic bags for the Helping Hands Food Program.
Upcoming Meetings (weather permitting)
• Dec. 10 at 11 a.m., Christmas party at Mary Ann’s Family Restaurant in St. Elmo.
• Jan. 14 at 1 p.m. at Emmanual Methodist Church.                   
• Feb. 11 at 11:30 a.m., potluck at Emanuel Church. Will begin new theme “Rollin’ on the River; planning new books and new CVE sheets.
Canned goods were collected for food programs needs.
Present were Flo Allen, Shirlry Klitzing, Delore Dukeman, LaVonne Kramer. Elizabeth Kasten, Carol Ann Behrends, Sally Behrends, Lois Jackson, DeeDee Diveley, Sharon Wilhelm, Panzi Blackwell, Carolyn Grames, Phyllis Bruno, Connie Green, Betty Williams, Phyllis Pryor, Carol Oldham and Connie Largent, and guest Ina Abendroth.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Pianist, Bette Stolte played the prelude as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Mannie Orr and Junior Williams served as ushers, and Courtney, Montana, and Dakota Arnold lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthdays and anniversaries, shared the announcements and prayer list, led in prayer and delivered the morning message.
Pam Orr led the adult worship. Betty Williams led children’s worship. Cakes and juice were served.
• Nov. 29-United Methodists Student Day; also, first day of Advent.
• Dec. 5 at 5:30 p.m.-Emmanuel Church Christmas dinner. Meal will be catered. Reservations needed.  
First Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Brent and Janet Keyes, and led in song by Kevin Bonifacious, and Matthew, Jamie and Aiden Smith, accompanied by Chuck Enlow and Walt Kinney on guitars and Susan Smith as pianist.
Matthew Smith led the Communion meditation and Kevin Bonifacious delivered the message.
Also serving: Sunday school-Laura Willms; a.m. nursery-Ashton Smith; toddler worship-Ron and Tena Gould; Quest-4-Christ, Q-4-C Team; and shut-ins, Brent Keyes and Duane Willms.
• New Bible Study-“Mid-Morning Manna” on Thursdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m. Noon meal every fourth Thursday; studying Colossians.
• Chemo therapy kits: still collecting items through Nov. 30. Still needing notes of  encouragement, lap throws, hand lotion, ginger tea, and headscarves and hats.

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