Give thanks to veterans for their unselfish service

November 11 is Veteran’s Day, a day to remember all veterans who have served our country in the military, protecting and defending our great nation.
If it were not for these veterans, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have.
So, on this day when you bump into a veteran, please tell him or her, “Thank you for your unselfish service.”
It takes sacrifice and dedication to serve in the military. These two attributes are why our military members and veterans are the best in the world.
Without these two attributes, our military would not be the force that it is today and has been in the past.
It is these attributes that drive our military members to protect and defend our nation in a world of tyranny that we live.
On behalf of a grateful nation, with gratitude, we thank all veterans who have served this great nation. We are in your debt for your service and our ability to live and enjoy the freedoms. We owe you an eternity for your service!
Thomas J. Lucken
Brownstown VFW Post 9770

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