State needs to act on a new budget

When Bruce Rauner was campaigning for governor, he said that he wanted to shake up state government. He has done that, but not in the way that he envisioned.
A budget impasse has caused monumental problems in Illinois. State agencies aren't receiving the funds they need to provide necessary services to Illinois residents, vendors aren't being paid, and the list goes on.
Those affected by the impasse, Mayor Rick Gottman pointed out at Monday's city council meeting, include municipalities that are owed various types of funds by the state.
The mayor pointed out that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Vandalia has not received from the state is putting the city in a bind. It's having to look at ways to reduce spending to the extent that it is having to take measures to avoid layoffs.
The city, like Illinois agencies and residents, depends on monies from the state, monies that are by law are owed to them.
The state has been operating without a budget since July 1, and it's way past time for those in the state capitol to get their disagreements worked out.
It will take both Rauner and the General Assembly to get the job done. Hopefully, our governor will heed the words of former governor Jim Edgar, who recently expressed the opinion that it's the job of our governor to provide leadership.
Rauner has said this week that he's confident that a budget deal can be finalized by January. But that's more than two months away, and the damage done by the impasse will continue to get worse.
Hopefully, that damage is not irreversible.

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