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Card Showers
A card shower is being held for the 90th birthday of Thelma Moeller on Nov. 8. Cards may be sent to: Thelma Moeller, 2131 E. 700 Ave. St. Peter, Ill. 62880.
The family of Doris Wollin has requested a card shower for her 87th birthday on Nov. 11. Cards may be sent to: Doris Wollin, 815 N. 2200 St., St. Peter, Ill. 62880.
Delphine Rubin of Decatur, died on Oct. 25, 2015. Delphine was the twin sister of Delmar Moeller of St. Peter.
Injured in an Accident
Shawn Lotz of St. Peter was critically injured in an accident on Oct. 25. He was putting up a deer stand when it defaulted and broke, causing him to fall approximately 18 feet to the ground. He suffered severe neck and back injuries, leaving him partially paralyzed in his arms and hands. He has been released from the hospital, and doctors are hopeful for a full recovery. Shawn is a retired Army veteran. He served in the Army for 22 years and served six tours of duty. He married Melinda Magnus of St. Peter. Between them, they have three children.
While Shawn is recovering, a benefit account has been set up at First State Bank of St. Peter to help his family with expenses. If you would like to donate, go to the bank and make a deposit or contact Belinda Harpster at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church or Amy Greer.
Turkey Supper
The annual turkey supper hosted by St. Peter Lutheran Church and School will be held on Sunday, Nov. 22, in the St. Peter Lutheran School gym.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Worship attendance on Sunday morning was 189. The organist was Jamie Lotz. Attending elders were Allen Magnus and Mark Wollin. Olivia Brauer served as acolyte. All Saints Sunday was observed.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Stefan Goolsby
-Shawn Lotz
-Donna Oertwig
-Ray Reed
• Mourning a loss
-The family of Delphine Rubin
• Those with long-term health concerns:
-Ann Dunaway
-Mark Dunaway
-Madison Lash
-Dennis Lee
-Carolyn Maske
Ed Morton
-Maria Oswald
• Matthew Benning
• Alex Stock
• Lisa Hanks
• Penny Davis
• Karla Drewes
• Caleb Harpster
• Tammy Maske
• Kyle Urban
• Thelma Moeller
• Will Crain
• Amy Lotz
• Kolby Kraemer
• Carmen Grandt
• Doris Wollin
• Wes and Sharon Simmons

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