Vacant lot could give downtown a boost

On the matter of what to do with the corner of Fifth and Gallatin streets made vacant by the recent building collapse: I have always been interested in our downtown and still am.
A drive through the area is a bit disheartening. Yes, all small downtowns have some empty buildings, but I believe that we have too many for our downtown’s size.
I go downtown quite often and attempt to do business with the downtown merchants when I can. It is time and just might be our chance to give our downtown some much-needed attention.
I would not like for that area to be considered for a parking lot. We had a small parking lot behind that area (just north of the former YMCA home), and we still have city parking lots a block away, at Fifth and Johnson streets.
A corner lot downtown and right at the intersection, I would think, is some prime real estate.
We need to be a little innovative here. Our downtown could certainly use a boost and this just might be one opportunity to give it one.
Catherine Bowen

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