Survey shows teens need help

The numbers are staggering:
• Almost 60 percent of sophomores in Fayette County have tried alcohol or regularly drink it.
• Almost half of them have tried cigarettes or currently smoke.
• 15 percent have tried marijuana or use it regularly.
• 36 percent have been sexually active before the age of 17, of those, only 15 percent say that they always practice safe sex.
• Almost a third reported feeling "sad or hopeless" for two weeks or more in a row.
• 17 percent said that they have "seriously considered" attempting suicide within the past year, 15 percent have made a plan to kill themselves and 5 percent have actually tried to end their own lives.
Those are some of the figures from the most-recent Healthy Teens survey conducted by the Fayette County Health Department.
Those numbers show that there is something lacking in the lives of many of our young teens, and that they need some type of assistance.
The FCHD staff hopes that it can provide that assistance, getting help from others in the community.
The survey results have spurred the health department staff to revive the Fayette Teen Issues Coalition, a group that strives to find out what our teens need and how it can help to provide it.
The health department is looking for volunteers to join the coalition, and hopes that its makeup includes representatives of local schools and churches, as well as some teens.
Based on the results of the teen survey, the coalition has a daunting task – it will take a solid team effort to address some of the issues that our teens face today.
It you'd like to be a part of that team, contact the health department, 283-1044.

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