Friday is 9/11 – we cannot forget to honor those we lost

9/11 – We Cannot Forget!
This Friday, Sept. 11, will make 14 years since the sad and tragic day that our nation had to endure, as a country and as citizens!
We cannot forget those lives that were taken from us on that day. We need to cherish their lives, as we live on with ours.
Since that day, more then 6,000 young lives have been sacrificed in the call to duty to protect our nation, and to seek out and destroy those enemies who brought terror to our cities and our people.
We also have to remember them on this honored day. It is for they who defend the great freedom we have as people in this nation.
It is their sacrifice we are able to enjoy this freedom. Again, we cannot forget them – ever.
So on 9/11, the 14th anniversary, take a moment to say a prayer and honor those who were lost, who were severely injured, and their families. But, also say a prayer for those who are still serving our great nation abroad and locally, those in our military, and in our fire and police departments.  
Thomas J. Lucken
Post Commander
Brownstown VFW Post 9770

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