Election ’16

Though the next general election is still 14 months away, the work for candidates in that election begins now.
Before running in that election, those candidates need to advance through the primary election, which is on March 15. And the filing period for the primary is under way.
Fayette County Clerk and Recorder Vicky Conder that the period for filing nominating petitions and other election documents for the primary election began on Sept. 1 and runs through Monday, Nov. 30.
County officer positions up for election next year include state’s attorney, circuit clerk and coroner. Currently serving in those offices, respectively, are Joshua Morrison, Kathy Emerick and Bruce Bowen, all Republicans.
Also on the primary and general election ballots in 2016 are eight seats on the county board, one in each of the county’s seven districts and the District 3 seat from which Steve Knebel resigned this summer; Chad Austin has been appointed to serve in District 3 until next year’s general election.
The March 2016 primary at the county level will also include the election of Republican and Democrat committeemen in each of the county’s precincts.
At the national level, the 2016 general election includes president, U.S. senator and U.S. representative in the 15th District of the House of Representatives.
At the state level, local voters will help elect a state comptroller to a two-year, unexpired term and a state representative in the 107th District, as well as some judicial positions.

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