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The Raccoon Visitors
A friend, Donna (Mrs. Joe) Langley, shared a “critter story” with us, and I asked her permission to share it with our readers.
If you have ever seen a baby raccoon, you can picture how cute these little guys were and how concerned their (probably-sleep-deprived) mother raccoon surely was, as you read this raccoon story as Donna shared it:
“A mother raccoon had been bringing her baby up on our deck each evening to look for food. One night when I closed the garage door, a large raccoon ran out.
“I didn’t think of more being in there, and so I put “Bobbi,” the young, rowdy, male cat in there, so we could get some sleep. Also, “Sugar,” a female cat who bosses us and all the cats around, decided to spend the night in the garage.
“Next morning, I realized that I had locked in at least three baby raccoons. One ran out immediately, but two of them tried to hide in a corner, clearly afraid I would hurt them.
“They were so cute,” she said, “but I can imagine what an eventful night it was in there. Bobbi probably chased them around, thinking they were new playmates, and Sugar, well, Sugar probably tried to teach them to march in formation.”
Donna said that the garage indicated there had been quite a lot of activity. “But luckily no injury to any of my furry friends,” she said.
Other Members of the Langley Family
Donna said that they have seven (plus one stray) cats that she feeds. “And Joe has a beekeeper helper,” she said. “’HoneyBee’ is a 12-year-old calico cat that rides the four-wheeler with Joe, sometimes all day, while he is checking the bee hives. And, heaven forbid, if anyone tries to ride with them, HoneyBee gets offended and hops out,” she said.
Donna (smilingly) said that she “hopes no one (reading this) decides to bless me with more cats.”
We thank Donna for sharing this critter story with us and our readers, especially with its happy ending. What a reunion that mother and her baby coons must have had the following morning!
I can’t imagine how worried the mother raccoon must have been all night, with her babies locked in away from her protection and probably hearing all of the ruckus.
It reminds us of our furry friend, Charlie, the raccoon, of years ago (which some of our readers may remember), and how he came back from years of being free in the woods to tell us goodbye.
Human Trafficking Awareness
Fayette County Hume and Community Education is presenting a program for the public on human trafficking this Thursday, from 1:30-3:30 p.m., at Northside Christian Church (1845 W. Jackson St. in Vandalia.
Speakers will include survivors of human trafficking; Patricia  A, McKnight, who wrote a book, “My Justice;” Annie Shoemaker; and Carolyn Daniels, former director of SAFE of Vandalia.  
There will be a break for refreshments. The program is recommended for the public, including teenagers.  
HCE Collecting T-Shirts
for Survivors
Human trafficking survivors who have escaped the inhuman practices are finding help shelters provided for them. One way they are trying to help themselves and provide funds for the worthy project is making attractive and colorful items, such as bracelets and necklaces, from T-shirts.
Fayette County HCE units are collecting clean, used or new T-shirts, any color. It won’t matter if the shirts have a stain or holes in them, as the shirts are cut into strips for the items. You may take them to the program Thursday or give them to an HCE member.  
Brownstown Churches Form Helping Hands Ministry
Food will be dispensed in Brownstown on Mondays and Saturdays, from 10 a.m.-noon at the Brownstown United Methodist Church, 304 S. First St.
Four churches are coordinating and sponsoring the Helping Hands Ministry.
There are no restrictions on tncome, and names or registration are required. However, the number of people in the family is requested, so a count can be made as to people served. This is necessary for records.
Boxes and sacks will be available at the site or people may bring their own containers. Two containers will be needed-a dry box for canned foods, etc., and a wet box refrigerated or frozen foods.
Revival …
… at Brownstown 1st Christian Church
Thursday-Saturday, 7 p.m. nightly; Mike Smith-speaker and BFCC-music.
Brownstown VFW Post 9770 …
… will hold a 9-Mile Gut Check Run/Walk again this year, on Sept. 19, starting at 8 a.m., in honor of the POW MIA Recognition Day. Registration will be $35. It will start at the American Legion building in Vandalia and end at the Brownstown VFW Post, where the participants will receive a meal. If you do not participate in the run/walk, you may still share in the meal, for a $10 donation.
For more information, contact Robyn Pontious at 322-8824.
Helping Hands Ministry
A Helping Hands meeting was held last Tuesday with more than 20 interested citizens in attendance. Area churches – Liberty Christian, Brownstown First Christian, First Baptist of Brownstown, Emmanuel United Methodist and Brownstown United Methodist – are forming the ministry, which is providing a food pantry for those in need of help putting food on their tables.    
Seven churches were represented in the meeting of the newly formed Helping Hands Ministry.
Plans, storage and guidelines for distribution, and schedules, were made in the interest of presenting a successful and fairly distributed food pantry program.
The program’s needs were also discussed, including the need for freezer and refrigerator space. If anyone has either of these appliances, used and in good working order, or new ones that could be bought at a discount price, please contact Pastor Don Thomas at 217-821-5260 or Donald Smail at 427-3836.  
Brownstown United Methodist Church
Mannie Orr and Junior Williams served as ushers as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning services.
Judy Watson served as liturgist. Adam Watson lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, shared the announcements, and recognized birthdays and anniversaries. He shared the prayer list and led in prayer.
Pastor delivered the morning following the Scripture lesson.
Pam Orr led the children’s worship and served them cookies and cakes. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Aug. 20 at 2 pm-United Methodist Women will meet at Emmanuel Church, They will elect 2016 officers and set the pledge for 2016.
Brownstown First Christian Church
The congregation of the Brownstown First Christian Church was greeted by Judy Palacek, and led in songs of praise by Cathy Smith, Jack Shelton and Judy Pilger, accompanied by pianist Robin Lovett, and guitarists Walt Kinney and Chuck Enlow.
Terry Smith led the Communion meditation. The Rev. Kevin Bonifacius delivered the message.
Also serving: Sunday School-Liz Oberlink; a.m. nursery-Tena Gould; toddler worship-Rae Lynn Koeler and Robbi Edwards; Quest-4-Christ-Team; and shut-ins-Don Willms and Don Lovett.
• Revival-Thursday-Saturday at Brownstown First Christian Church-7 p.m. nightly. Mike Smith (son of Terry and Susan) will be the speaker. Music by the local congregation, worship leaders and singing groups.  
• Banana split bar ice cream social on Sunday at 6 pm in the church basement.

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