Arrests prove that people help fight crime

On the front page of this issue, we have a story telling how two individuals were arrested for a number of local burglaries. Those arrests were possible through the help of a private citizen.
Among the items stolen on Sunday were credit cards, and when one of the cards couldn't be validated at a Salem business, the employee handling the transaction got suspicious. So, he wrote down the license plate of the car driven by the person attempting to use the card.
Later that evening, that information was used to arrest two men allegedly responsible for the numerous burglaries.
We've said a number of times that the police need our help to solve crimes, and this is a perfect example of just how valuable our assistance can be.
"That was very heads up," Police Chief Jeff Ray said about the employee's actions. "It makes our job a lot more difficult if he doesn't get the license plate information."
We depend on our law enforcement personnel to solve crimes in our community, but they can't do it alone. When possible, we have to help them out.

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