Sesquicentennial Farm

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has designated the farm in Ramsey owned by Paul Sarver and Phyllis Sarver of Herrick a Sesquicentennial Farm.

To qualify as a Sesquicentennial Farm, the agricultural property must be owned by a straight or collateral line of descendants for at least 150 years. The Sarver family received this historical distinction to their farm after their application for designation as a Sesquicentennial Farm was approved. “I am privileged to present this distinction to the sarver family,” said Agriculture Director Philip Nelson. “This designation not only honors their farm operation today, but also their ancestors who labored through adversity to maintain the family farm. The Sesquicentennial Farm program helps to reinforce that family farming remains a viable entity in Illinois agriculture.” The Illinois Sesquicentennial Farms program has recognized farms since its inception in 2000. Sesquicentennial Farm owners receive outdoor display signage and a certificate signed by the governor and the Director of Agriculture. They are also recognized at Agriculture Day at the Illinois State Fair.

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