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Prairie Days Floats
In commemoration of its 40th Anniversary, the Prairie Days Committee invites area businesses, civic organizations, and area churches to consider building floats for the Prairie Days parade this year.
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church
Worship attendance on Sunday morning was 140.
The organist was Jamie Lotz.
Ellijah Bahde served as acolyte.
Attending elders were Allen Magnus and Mark Wollin.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Jeaneane Jenne
-Ryan Gullion
• Those with long-term health concerns:
-Ann Dunaway
-Mark Dunaway
-Madison Lash
-Dennis Lee
-Carolyn Maske
-Ed Morton
-Maria Oswald
• Lynn Bergmann
• Aryanna Davis
• Delmar Maske
• Kevin Crain
• Kendra Schaal
• Kevin Wodtka
• Martha O’Dell
• Michelle Croy
• Reid Drewes
• Gale Courson
• Jayten Hunt
• Carroll Lotz
• Robert and Dorothy Harpster (61 years)
• Dean and Karen Lotz
• Kevin and Joyce Storck
• Orville and Malinda Hinton (64 years)

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