Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
Where was everyone? The sun was shining, only a rare cloud, the cookies and lemonade all made, but no one came!

You cannot get a better offer than EO and Jesus. Sooo?????? What happened? You missed Harold Swofford of Mulberry Grove and his karaoke machine.  
Our program on Monday was led by Beulah Brown, who rearranged the structured environment, so we faced the Wesley brothers! We sang our Outreach and welcome songs a capella! We celebrated two new members, Milt Smith and Mary Hatfield, and the return of member Lily Moore.
Then, the  Rev. Earnie Flowers led us in devotions. He spoke about good times and bad times – life’s ups and downs. Then he moved into the book of Psalms and read Psalms 27. He spoke about all of the gifted people we have who can play the piano, preach and write poetry.
He spoke about the goodness of God and His Word and the Holy Spirit. He told us how God and Jesus are our light and salvation from our really tough struggles and heartaches and we are not to fear!
Rev. Flowers has been preaching since 1957, and he referred to how God helps us be strong and more like Him – very strong and kind. God can hide us when we need to be hidden. He will be with us throughout it all, hidden or not. He will give us love and peace and wants us to love one another. We may not love each other’s actions, because certain actions are not loveable!  The biggest problem is communication. I’m certain he wants us to pray more, too. So, Rev. Flowers shared a prayer with us.
Harold Swofford took the floor and began singing with a smooth deep voice. He started off with “I know who holds tomorrow,” which has excellent words and rhyme about God lightening our burdens. He sang “Walkin’ After Midnight,” but he didn’t look like Patsy Cline, but sang just as emotionally, enough to get Phyllis Rames, Karen Redfern and myself up, half-walking, half-dancing around the room.
Then he sang a wonderful classic, “Ramblin’ Rose,” by Nat King Cole – he didn’t look like him, either! His question was, who will love you, with a love true, who can cling to, a rambling rose?
Then, Harold loosened up the twang and yodels for the next number, “Long Gone, Lonesome Blues,” a Hank Williams classic. He sang “Wedding Bells” for those of us who have no luck and don’t understand such things!
Another Hank Williams special was “You Win Again,” in which the heartaches just never seem to go away, and “Hello, Darlin,’” by Charlie Pride.
The next song made us all tap toes and get back up and shake a leg – “ Kiss an Angel Good Morning.”
And, we all know about the nights we call out “Help Me Make it Through the Night!”  We were not containable when Harold, actually sounding like Garth Brooks, sang “Achy Breaky Heart,” minus the hat and boots! His last number was “Elvira,” which always reminds me of  Randy Schukar and Brenda, grinding out some action for FAYCO!
The pinochle table had a most curious arrangement, and I feel sorry for Richard Kruenegel and Susan Meador. They were outnumbered by Mary Woolsey, Joyce Muller and Rosamund Hobler and who won two games over them. I would say unfair! EO is canceled next week, but the good news is that First United Methodist Church is preparing for a big free backpack night for children, next Tuesday, from 4-8 p.m. There are four follow up days at the Presbyterian Church for filling the backpacks (Wednesday-Saturday). Please come and help yourself!   

Harold Swofford and Phyllis Rames

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