Operation OUTING drivers badly needed

Nursing and retirement home residents are largely confined to their facility, which greatly limits their experiences and quality of life. Fortunately, thanks to Operation OUTING, these residents in Vandalia have the opportunity to get OUT to a variety of destinations.
Free of charge, the bus takes those who would like to go to many places: Evergreen Outreach program at the First United Methodist Church on Mondays, restaurants, baseball games, the zoo and scenic road trips in our area.
For most of these people, the outings are the only opportunity they have to see sights outside of their facility. Imagine yourself in that situation, where you have to depend entirely on others to get outside the bounds of your residence!
Operation OUTING was established in 1983 and has been in continuous operation since then, relying strictly on volunteers to drive and manage the operation.
Currently, there is a need for additional drivers. If you, or someone you know, has the desire to help out for a few hours per week, the reward is incredible gratitude from the residents.
In order to continue providing transportation for those who have none, and to ensure that the program will still be operating for when you or a loved one may need it in the future, please consider volunteering for this opportunity to make a big difference in other people’s lives, so that we can keep on truckin’.
For more information, call Wietse Schaafsma, president, at 283-1202, or Bill Brown, treasurer, at 283-1021. Your help will make a lasting difference.
Wietse Schaafsma

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