MG church will celebrate 150th anniversary Aug. 9

The First Church of Christ of Mulberry Grove will celebrate 150 years of service to the Kingdom of Christ, on Aug. 9, 2015.
In 1865, as the contentious Civil War finished its furry and John Wilkes Booth took the life of a president from Illinois, people from the Bond County/Mulberry Grove area saw the birth of a new church, which lives yet today by the grace of God.
Two special services will take place on Sunday, Aug. 9.
At 10:30 a.m., during the normal worship time, Victor Knowles of POEM Ministries of Joplin, Mo., a minister who had roots in the Mulberry Grove church, will be speaking on the theme, “The Church Triumphant.”
A few special events will dot the morning, but it will mostly be directed to the normal worship and praising of God for His goodness.
At 2 p.m., Dallas Nickel, a Greenville resident and a past preacher of the church, will address the community celebration. The church’s congregation is hoping that a number of former ministers and members can be present for this event and provide short comments about how the Lord is working in their lives.
The church anticipates a display of old Bibles and hymn books, and, hopefully, people sporting period costumes from the 1800s. Also, photos and other memorabilia will be on display.
The hymns being selected are ones written before the time of the church’s founding. It is believed these might well be the songs the congregation was singing at the time of its founding.
A carry-in luncheon will be served at approximately noon.
The congregation invites the public to services that day, and it hopes that many former members still in the area may be able to attend.
Questions may be directed to the church at 326-8238.

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