Alderman explains need for a city administrator

Since becoming an alderman for the city of Vandalia, I have become part of the long-time search for a city administrator and have been approached by many residents as to why we need one, when the community has functioned just fine without one. I would like to attempt to address this question.
The administrator is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of the city and also manages the city’s economic development activities. Even for a small community like ours, this is a full-time job.
In these times, if we want our city to improve to the best of its ability in Illinois, we need a qualified professional only dedicated to the position of city administrator.
I give credit when credit is due, and I give thanks to Mayor Rick Gottman and his staff for taking over the duties of city administrator.
But Mayor Gottman has now become, in essence, a full-time mayor and also holds a full-time job.
Because of his dedication to the city of Vandalia, his knowledge of city government and his ability to take off work for city business, our city keeps on improving as best as it can. Not many people would or could do the duties now imposed on the position of mayor of Vandalia.
Ken Hubler
Alderman, Ward 1


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