Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
OK, here is the scoop. Evergreen Outreach had the best party in town. At Fayette County Hospital and Long Term Care, we ate, clapped hands, sang, danced and created very slightly mischievous good times. We are OK, as long as that angel peeking around the corner (Pastor James Fackler) keeps his eye on us.

The way the “meeting” went was, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Edith Simmons, Melvin Pyel and Mary Nabor. I gave a short reading of thanksgiving and joy from Psalm 100, and a short prayer of thanks for Judy and Bob Varga, and Randy Schukar, returning safely from their great Hawaiian vacation.
The room was decked out in Hawaiian food, drinks and decorations. The attendees all were wearing colorful flower leis – even the drinks were Hawaiian. The tables were loaded with happy Hawaiian decorations, even a miniature palm tree.
To set the tone of impending good times, Judy inspired dancers and showed us how to do the hukilau dance; we scored zero in aplomb.
Several of us less-trainable dancers also tried to do a few hula dance steps. Judy realized it is fairly hard to turn country blondes into Hawaiians shaking with rhythm. Randy was steady and true to his singing of “Ring of Fire,” but no volcanoes erupted. Then he digressed in to a grinding rendition of “Elvira.”
Judy is very partial to Brad Elmore and sings his favorite song  “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” with great quality and tone. It may not seem possible, but in her next number “Crazy,” she sounds more like Patsy Cline than Patsy did. She has wonderful rich fullness and emotion in her voice.
Randy sang “Hey Good Lookin’” to his nearly 40 “girls” in the audience and a very creepy “yes” from his sister (Judy) sneaking in the background. Excellent comedy. We all enjoyed Randy singing “ Falling in Love with You”; it made all of us sentimental types remember Elvis, “Blue Hawaii” and great memories. Now, just between us, it got Phyllis Rames on the dance floor with Bob Varga.
Today, it seemed that each song was blessed by a bit of humor and teasing. The “Lolli-poppers” were totally out of sequenced and order, which made it all the more lovable. And Judy sang “ Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” with her eyes in the back of her head watching Bob! Just to test him a little more, she laid it out straight, to the two gals encroaching on him in the background by singing “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man,” and Randy tried to straighten out the rather strange situation by singing “Your Cheating Heart”!
Randy got back to normal by singing “Okie from Muskogie” and at least four couples danced the magnificent “Tennessee Waltz” that Judy poured in to the microphone.
She closed with “Your Lookin’ at Country” and the dancing and music ended, much to everyone’s dismay.
The pinochle table had a new player today – Joyce Muller. She, Ruth Ann Scott and Rosamund Hobler only won once, while Richard Kruenegel and Susan Meador won twice. They were in a separate room and rather oblivious to all of the cutting up in the other room. And what did Dolly do?Never mind!
A most excellent day, full of friendship, love and blessings from God.  Hope to see you all again next week!


Randy Schukar and Judy Varga perform at EO on Monday.

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