Broken Chains Band spreads the word

“Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the assembly of saints.”
Psalm 149:1

And the music and voices of the worship team of Vandalia’s CenterPointe Worship Team follow these words as its songs of praise raise from the sanctuary to the rafters of the church building, and surely are being heard in heaven, even as they are just practicing for church services.
The members of the Worship Team, including the audio-visual engineers, are faithfully committed to their part in the band, and they each shared his or her thoughts and feelings about sharing their passion for Jesus.
Although they individually shared their reasons for being a part of the group, and expressed their feelings and motives in different words, their words blended into the same inspirations – and aspirations – to share their love and praise for Jesus with others.
This also explains the harmonious blending of so many different voices and musical talents, of varied ages and from different walks of life as they praise Him with passion and sincerity,
Meet the members, given in alphabetical order.
The Broken Chains Band
• Laneil Worker, lead vocals and acoustic guitar, said that he has been the worship leader at CenterPointe Church since 2009.
“Broken Chains band is a ministry of CenterPointe Church, and we are blessed to be able to lead worship there every Sunday. We want to lead people, by example, into an intimate and passionate time of worship.
“Our desire as a worship team is to create a place that fosters freedom in worship and where people can encounter God in a personal way.”
• Marla Ainscough, vocals, said, “When my husband and I moved back to Vandalia, God brought us to this church and I just gravitated to what I love, praising the Lord in song. There is nothing more powerful than God’s people joining their voices in praise.
It is a privilege to be a part of this team that God has put together.”
• Charles Bruno, audio-video engineer, said, “There was a need in our church one Sunday, so I filled in, and  I fell in love with the job. I have been doing it every chance I get.”
• Rich Cade, audio-video engineer, said, “There is nothing more rewarding or exciting for me than making sure the sound is right for the band that leads our church to begin worship.
• Connie Heaton, piano, said, “I love doing it. Growing up in a musical family was wonderful. Mom has her bachelor’s in music education, both instrumental and vocal, so it just made sense. My kindergarten teacher convinced my mom to let me take lessons from her, and it went on from there.
“ I love playing and I just sort of became the piano person, kind of got it by default. Music plays to the heart. When nothing else gets in, music does. God can speak so much to us and we can praise Him, no matter our ability.
“I can think of nothing else better than playing the piano on Sunday morning and worshipping the one who has made my life possible.”
• Dovie Heaton-Bergin, keyboard and guitar, said, “I love playing with the worship team. Sometimes, knowing that Sunday is coming, and worship team practice and church, is what gets ne through the week.”  
• Laquita Hans, backup singer, said, “I love the freedom we have to worship. We do this not for us to get glory, but for God to get the glory.”
• Doug Ricketts, lead guitarist, said, “God gives us all talents and gifts, and calls us to serve others. Music is powerful! I am part of a team that uses God’s words and my testimony to honor Him and reach others.
“What I do is my offering to Him. I am part of a team that ministers to sinners just like me.”
• Michelle Hooks, violinist, said, “I joined them because I love to worship through music. It is one of the ways I can glorify God and encourage others to do the same.”
• Donna McElvany, backup vocalist and backup keyboard, said, “I have always been a worshipper, always singing, giving Him praise. I’ve been a member of the church for eight years.”
Other members are: Rodney Caswell, rhythm guitar/bass; Braden Caswell, drums/bass; and audio/visual engineers Benjamin Hooks and Kaelyb Worker.  
Summing Up
Applause and appreciation is due to the commitment, dedication and faithfulness of these members of Center Pointe Church for using their talents to glorify God, and to Pastor Caswell for his support.

Members of The Broken Chain Band are pictured above. In front, from left, are Michelle Hooks, Marla Ainscough and Dovie Heaton-Bergin. In back are Connie Heaton-Heistand, Doug Ricketts, Brayden Caswell, Donna McElvany, Laquita Hans and Laniel Worker. The band’s sound people are Rich Cade, Charlie Bruno, Benjamin Hooks and Kaelyb Worker.

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