Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene Jett
This is a happiness message from Evergreen Outreach! In spite of all the goodness and effort going into today’s meeting, it was canceled – potentially too hot and humid! I think this may be a first, except for the year of the great drought.
I miss my friends, the prayers and the music and I know you all will miss each other. Just repeat after me, “We’re here for fun right from the start, etc”.
This good weather is the best time of year for our get-together and outings.
It is also the easiest time for our drivers and volunteers – whom we adore!
So grin and bear the heat and sun, and “can” a bunch of it for this coming January! I’ll put in a standing order for three days of 90-degree weather along about Jan 15.
God bless everyone and hope to see you next week!  Stay Cool!

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