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Hi Ho!! Come to the Fair!
The Fayette County Fair, that is. We (the human inhabitants of the Homestead, namely Bill and Panzi), visited the fairgrounds one evening and (yum!) ate a traditional Knights of Columbus fish sandwich, and they tasted as delicious as we remembered and had looked forward to, for a whole year … since last year’s Fayette County Fair.
Brice Springman, following in his dad’s (Bill Springman) footsteps, was taking the food orders, assisted by his daughter, Brianna (also following in Grandpa Bill’s footsteps).
The bun was filled generously with the hot, crispy, fried-just-right, tasty fish and it, accompanied by a cup of their iced tea, was the perfect meal. (We wonder what the guys use for bait as they fish the Okaw/Kaskaskia River for all those good fish.)
We enjoyed chatting with the Sasses as we ate. We also enjoyed watching the crowd, especially some of the Little Miss contestants as they walked by, looking like little fairy princesses in their pretty dresses and tiny little high-heeled shoes.     
We are planning on eating more fish sandwiches this week and seeing more friends and neighbors. Hope to see you there!
Early, Early Memories of the Fair
For as long as I can remember, our family went to the fair, ate the fish sandwiches, had orange soda pop and had the most creamiest, delicious ice cream cones that I’ve ever trasted.
One year, especially, the ice cream cone was so good that I even remember the appearance of the stand. It was like a small white trailer, with a door on the same side and right next to the serving window. It seems like the serving window was to the west and I can even visualize just where it was located when I am on the grounds now.
There was always a carnival. My brother and sister rode the rides, but the only ride I ever liked (or was brave enough to ride) was the merry-go-round, with the pretty music and horses.  I also remember liking the live pony rides and wanting a pony of my own.
I did eventually get a pony (on my 14th birthday) and I had a gentle horse named Linda, which I could ride in the pasture without a saddle or even a bridle (of which my parents didn’t know until years later).  But I have never since tasted ice cream that tasted as good as that particular year.  
It seems like many of my best memories are associated with food and/or animals. That all was many years ago, but the memories linger on, and to the people who have always worked and planned o have the County Fairs for us, thanks for the memories!
Pedicures for Madricka & Baby Bucky Burro
Our favorite farrier, Colleen (Cearlock) Cole made a barn call to the Homestead Saturday and gave both Mardicka and her son, Little Buckwheat,  
pedicures (trimmed their hooves) Saturday.
A special treat was, her husband and their daughter, Josie, were with her.  Josie seemed really interested in what was going on, especially when we gave baby Bucky a carrot.
Josie has accompanied her parents on these type outings before and was very good. She was not afraid of the animals and she wanted to either feed the carrot to Bucky or eat it herself – we weren’t quite sure of her intention.
Josie sat in her comfortable stroller and eventually fell asleep while watching her mother trim their hooves. We really enjoyed their visit and took a family picture, complete with the donkeys.
We look forward to their next visit and hope the whole family will come with Colleen.
Dave – Another Doggy’s Tail
We have always heard, and believed, that animals have a sixth senseabout things of nature, such as tornadoes, storms, etc., that we humans don’t have.
We remember Dolly, the collie, a dog pound rescue who was a calm and sweet girl, all the time … except when she sensed a storm brewing.
Hours before the weathercasters would announce a storm coming, Dolly would pace up and down her pen. When the thunder and rain would start, she would try to escape into our woods.
If we weren’t home to calm her, she would literally lift her gate up off the hinges and hide in the woods.
Bill would have to turn the gate upside down on the hinges to prevent her performing that little trick.
Betty Williams told this story about “Dave,” a spitz dog that she and Junior once had.
The dog never, ever get on the beds. One day, Betty said, the little dog was at the front door, whining and wanting in the house.
When Betty opened the door, Dave, the dog, ran in and ran straight for the bedroom and jumped up in the middle of the bed, something she had never done before.
A few minutes later, Betty said, the house began shake and there was an earthquake! Dave sensed the earthquake and ran for safety, the middle of the bed.
Doris Redman …
… we learned, is a faithful reader, and we appreciate her support and interest in the “Critters.”  The critters are always glad to hear from their fans … and, yes, we do tell them when our readers mention them.
Summer Lunches for Kids …
…still being available on Wednesdays, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., at the United Methodist Church in Brownstown until August.
Tools for School …
… a program that provides free school supplies for Fayette County in-need students pre-K-junior college, is at First Presbyterian Church, north door, 1221 W. Fillmore Street in Vandalia on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Aug. 13, 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Aug. 14;  9 a.m.-7 p.m.; and Aug. 15, 9 a.m.-noon.  All students must be accompanied by an adult to select their supplies.
Fayette County Fair this week …
… with something for all in the family. Sadly, the number of county fairs is dwindling. Please support out fair by attending and participating in the various competitions. The county fair, with its own atmosphere, neighborly competitions, is an American tradition.  It provides opportunities for the youth to develop responsibility, sportsmanship. integrity, etc, through the 4-H clubs, it showcases talent, entertainment, competition (stock car races, demolition derby, talent shows, fair pageants) with the grandstand presentations and events.
Coming & Going
Homestead Visitors
Daughter Jill Jenkins and our great-granddaughters, Emily Gatewood and Destiny, from Decatur, came to visit and do one of the girls’ favorite things –  shop in the several area thrift shops. Emily and Destiny tried on dresses,  (most of which looked like princesses’ party frocks) to their hearts’ content before finally choosing one.
Jill then treated us to lunch at Denny’s in Vandalia before driving over to Greenville to the hospital auxiliary thrift shop, where the girls found more treasures.
Homesteaders visit the Elams
The Homesteaders, namely Bill and Panzi, drove to Shafter, to Ronnie and Millie Elam’s pretty, picturesque home, with cheerful, colorful flowers decorating the front porch and door area. We wanted to wish Ronnie a happy belated birthday.
The front door opened and we were greeted by Millie, holding Otis, the family cat, who weighs in at 18.1 pounds (which is the normal weight for his species). We could hardly see Millie for Otis, whose full, fluffy and beautiful grey coat makes him seem even bigger.   
Otis is a Maine coon cat, so he is not overweight for his family’s physical characteristics and attributes. His appearance, however, would be a little daunting if he met you at their door without Millie or Ronnie present and close by.
He made me feel welcome though, as he fuzzed against my ankles and sniffed at my hand. Millie said that  he didn’t make up with everybody, but  no doubt, he caught the fragrance of Callie, our kitty, and accepted me as tolerable.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The prelude was played as the congregation of the United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday morning worship services.
Judy Watson served as liturgist, and ushers were Mannie Orr and Junior Williams. Gavin Schnarre lighted the altar candles.
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the birthday and anniversary celebrants, shared the announcements and prayer list and led in prayer.
Chikdren’s worship was led by Pam Orr, who served refreshments. The adult class was led by Flo Allen.
Receiving the sacrament of Baptism was Avery Nicole Schnarre, daughter of Tara and Wyatt Schnarre. The message was delivered by Pastor Thomas
Many of the Schnarre and Swick families were present to share the baptisim ceremony.
Avery’s grandparents are Bill and Cheryl Swick of Brownstown  and John and Judy Schnarre of St. Peter.
• July 26 – 1-3:30 p.m., 120th anniversary, homecoming celebration and open house at the Cunningham Children’s Home Spiritual Life Center, Urbana. Special speakers include Bishop Keaton and recognition of UMW of IGRC.

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