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Thursday, June 25
• The 2015 Amateur Town & Country Art Show and Professional Art Show continues through Sunday in the upstairs Artworks Gallery in the Fayette County Museum, Vandalia. The museum is open from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and will be open from 1-4 p.m. this Sunday.
• ExxonMobil Annuitants, noon, Vandalia Ponderosa.
Saturday, June 27
• Fayette County 4-H Food and Clothing shows, Brownstown Elementary School. Check in is from 12-1 p.m. and judging at 1 p.m.
Sunday, June 28
• The final showing of the 2015 Amateur Town & Country Art Show and Professional Art Show will be from 1-4 p.m. in the Artworks Gallery at the Fayette County Museum.
Wednesday, July 1
• Wright’s Corner Unit of Home and Community Education, 1 p.m., Loudon Townhouse.
Thursday, July 2
• St. Elmo Business Association, noon, Mary Ann’s Restaurant.

• Wheatland Unit of Home and Community Education will have lunch at The Round Table in Taylorville.
St. Elmo Blood Drive Exceeds Quota
The American Red Cross blood drive held the afternoon of June 15 in St, Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall had a quota of 25, and 28 pints were collected from the 33 presenters.
John Krost of St. Elmo received a 6-gallon pin.
Those who have donated 50 or more units of blood over the years are the following: Roger Fulk of Brownstown, 138; Andy Lilly of Beecher City, 129; Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo, 111; Leroy Snyder of St. Elmo, 106; John Belden of St. Elmo, 105; Marie Hopper of Farina, 101; Carol Rine of Brownstown and Tammy Logsdon of St. Elmo, each 87; Wayne Lovett of Brownstown, 83; Connie Roll of St. Elmo, 78; Dale Roll of St. Elmo, 65; and Sandra Lovett of Brownstown, 61.
Chairman Karen Denning acknowledged Ray Morris for putting up posters, Council of Catholic Women for providing the homemade cookies, St. Elmo Women’s Civic Club for providing the canteen expense and the following volunteer workers: Susan Belden, Helen Koonce, Pat Porter, Marilyn Sproat, Max Watson and Ethelyn Williams.
The next American Red Cross blood drive is scheduled for St. Elmo is on Monday, Aug. 10, from 1-6 p.m. in St. Mary’s Catholic Church Parish Hall.
Historical Vandalia Inc.
A fall fundraiser to help with the Fayette County Museum’s restoration and elevator installation was discussed at the Historical Vandalia Inc. Board meeting, and more will be given on this as soon as the plans are finalized.
Present at the board meeting held the evening of June 15 in the museum at Vandalia were President Steve Durbin, Donna Blair, Allison Magnus and Mary Truitt, all of Vandalia; Barbara Buckland of Brownstown; Marilyn Beyes of Smithboro; Jim Brewer of Ramsey; and Anna Jean Rhodes of St. Elmo.
It was reported the museum had 199 visitors in May.
Items the museum has received since the last meeting include a Vandalia Memories book and a Bunyard family Bible. Birth entries in the Bible began in 1819
Volunteer Ethan Hanabarger is updating the computer with the museum inventory.
Beyes reported that the 2015 Amateur Town and Country Art Show and Professional Art Show have 105 entries hanging in the Artworks Gallery upstairs. The opening critique was last Friday and the work is on display through Sunday 28. The museum hours are 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and it will be open 1-4 p.m. on Sunday.
County HCE Annual Meeting
The Fayette County Home and Community Education 67th annual meeting was held June 16 at Vandalia.s Northside Christian Church. This year’s IAHCE theme, “Come Together, Walk with HCE,” was carried out in the decorations on the tables.
For several years, the annual meeting has been held at 11:30 a.m., but this year, the time had to be changed for the new Illinois Association of HCE president to be present. Registration was 5:30 p.m. and the potluck at 6 p.m. President Flo Allen led in the Pledge of Allegiance and Panzi Blackwell gave the meal blessing.
Following the potluck, Allen called the annual meeting to order. St. Peter Unit was in charge of registration and reported 27 county HCE members, and two guests, IAHCE President Jane Chapman of Coulterville and the District 6 Director Marilyn Sheafor of Effingham, signed the register.
Next was a memorial service led by Second Vice Anna Jean Rhodes. After opening remarks by Rhodes, each unit with a deceased member(s) was invited to the front to give a short history of the member and put a flower in a vase on the table.
Evelyn Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit gave memories of Mary Stokes, who died in November 2014. She also remembered a former member, Audrey Probst, who dropped out when she went to a nursing home and died in July 2014.
Ashley Davis of the Vandalia Day Unit gave memories of Irene Smith, who died in July 2014, and Betty Stone, who died in December 2014.
Sharon Shelton of the St. Elmo Unit gave memories of Goldie Harris, who died in January 2015.
Rhodes closed the service with a prayer.
Secretary Joyce Mueller was unable to attend, but Debbie Segrest gave a report on the minutes of the 2014 annual meeting.
Treasurer Carol Bridges gave the report for April 2014 through March 2015 and presented the budget for the 2015-16 year, which was approved.
County HCE Board reports were given by most of the officers.
A 50-year pin was not given this year, because no member joined in 1965. Those present who have been members for 50 or more years were Rhodes (1949), Sally Behrends (1959), Evelyn Probst (1962) and Elisabeth Kasten (1963). The only two living 1948 charter members who have continued their membership, Martha O’Dell of the St. Peter Unit and Ilene Sidwell of the Sefton Unit, are in nursing homes.
Others who have been members for more than 50 years, but were not present, are Mary Ellen Lovett of Wheatland (1951), who now is age 101; Dorothy Harpster of St. Peter (1957), Lucille Fisher of Sefton (1959), who now is age 102; Ruth Schnake of St. Peter (1961); Gert Garrett and Marilyn Magnus, both of St. Peter (1963); and May Della Probst of Bingham/Ramsey (1964).
Rhodes had an Aim for the Homemaker certificate and a white rose for the following new members of the 2014-15 year (all were not present) – Carol Behrends, Kelly Bruno and Connie Greene of the Sefton Unit; Sherry Wagner of the St. Elmo Unit; Amanda Miller of the Wright’s Corner Unit; Linda Rickman, Edith Runkel, Heaven Davis, Gene Daiber, Megan Runkel, Ruth Smith, Marcia Willenborg and Katie Frumm of the Vandalia Day Unit; and Goldie Beck of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit.
Certificates that were made by Panzi Blackwell were for the following: 10-year members who joined in 2005 – Gloria Magnus of St. Peter Unit, Joan Moxey of Vandalia Day Unit and Carolyn Grames of Sefton Unit; 20-year member who joined in 1995 – Joan Schaal of St. Peter Unit; and 30-year member who joined in 1985 – Doris Rubin of St. Peter Unit. There were no 40-year members this year.
Also recognized were those who had perfect unit meeting attendance for 10 or more years: Anita Smith (19) and Ruth Brackenbush (10), both of the Vandalia Day Unit; Dorothy Harpster (19) of the St. Peter Unit; Flo Allen (19), Shirley Klitzing (16) and Elizabeth Kasten (14), all of Sefton Unit; Kate Jennings (17) of the Wright’s Corner Unit; Karen Denning (17) of the St. Elmo Unit; and Evelyn Probst (14) of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit.
All of the same county HCE officers were nominated and elected. IAHCE President Jane Chapman gave a short talk before installing the following officers: Flo Allen, president; Debbie Segrest, first vice; Anna Jean Rhodes, second vice; Joyce Muller (who was absent), secretary; Carol Bridges, treasurer; Anita Smith, community outreach; Donna Blair, family issues; Shirley Klitzing, international; Ashley Davis, cultural enrichment; and Panzi Blackwell, public relations.
Chapman gave each one a shoe to designate the office and also a package that contained the following: mints, cause you’re worth a mint; hugs, because everybody needs one; dark chocolate kiss for your health; and small Post-It note pad, to remind you “I can and I will.” After a group picture was taken, the shoes were returned to Chapman.
A Homemaker of the Year plaque went to Joyce Mueller, who is very active in HCE and in Vandalia community activities – secretary of Operation OUTING, Evergreen Outreach, tourism, secretary at National Road interpretive center, OUR PLACE Youth Center, worship committee at First United Methodist Church, Woman’s Club conservation co-chairman, Historical Vandalia Inc. Museum board, American Legion Auxiliary, Fayette County Republican Women, Abraham Lincoln Heritage, Kids Summer Lunch Program, Tools for Schools and TOPS member. She became an HCE member in 2011.
A surprise plaque was awarded to Allen. The plaque said, “Homemaker of the Year Special Recognition, Starting 10th Year as County President.” Allen also does much for her community through First United Methodist Church, Golden Years Club, etc. She is the first Home Bureau/Homemaker’s Extension/Home and Community Education county president who has served this many years as president.
A Homemaker of the Year certificate was awarded to Erna Koontz, who was nominated, without her knowledge, by the Wheatland Unit. She is the unit first vice, attended two of the county meetings and is an active church member, and for many years she cared for her handicapped son and neighbors. The nomination said she has a beautiful smile, compassionate heart and a helping hand. She became an HCE member in 1997.
The Unit of the Year plaque was engraved this year with the Vandalia Day Unit. The 12-question score was 53.4, which included 24 points for getting eight new members during the year. For community service, the unit helped sponsor Relay for Life fundraisers, summer lunches, delivered Golden Circle Meals on Wheels, etc., and for community outreach listed many ways the unit participated. The unit also participated in 18 collections – can tabs for McDonalds, Box Tops for Schools, ink cartridges for schools, manufacture coupons for Japan, etc. The unit also participated in 13 projects, including bears made for the hospital, made nursing home tray favors, donated Christmas cards and items for veterans, donated hygiene products to Trucker’s Charity, etc.
The Sefton Unit came in second in the county. The unit has done much in community service activities and community outreach projects, and participated in 20 collections and 10 projects.
In addition to the two guests, the HCE unit members present were the following: Donna Blair, Goldie Beck and Evelyn Probst of the Bingham/Ramsey Unit; Anna Jean Rhodes and Sharon Shelton of the St. Elmo Unit; Luella Rubin and Marion Rubin of the St. Peter Unit; Karen Hyde of the Wheatland Unit; Flo Allen, Sally Behrends, Panzi Blackwell, Dee Dee Diveley, Lois Jackson, Elizabeth Kasten, Shirley Klitzing, LaVonne Kramer and Phyllis Pryor of the Sefton Unit; and Ruth Brackenbush, Carol Bridges, Joyce Carter, Ashley Davis, Katie Frumm, Carrie Hill, Alvenia Noffsinger, Debbie Segrest, Anita Smith and Lura Tarter of the Vandalia Day Unit. Wright’s Corner Unit was not represented.
Vit-Em-In Potluck
The monthly potluck of the Vit-Em-In Sunday school class was held at 5 p.m. on June 18 in the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, with the following present: Elizabeth Bail, Frank and Delva Krost, Richard Lowe (who gave the meal blessing), Ed and Barb Lane, Bob and Joanne Owen, Anna Jean Rhodes, Jack and Marilyn Sproat, and a guest, Marge Mennerick of St. Charles, Elizabeth’s sister.
After the meal, Delva presided over a short business meeting. She reported that the annual June Illinois Great Rivers Methodist Conference returned all the ministers to the nearby churches.
Rhodes read two articles, the birth of the hymn “Precious Lord,” and a humorous one – brains of older people are slow because they know so much.
Father’s Day at FUMC
Father’s Day Recognition was held at First United Methodist Church on Sunday morning worship. After the worship opening, Andra Carson asked all men who wore ties to go to the front of the church altar, and only seven accepted the invitation. She had each one tell about the tie he was wearing.
Several youth then judged the ties, and the following winners received a can of nuts: Jack Sproat, for the most original tie, Dave Maxey, for the prettiest tie; and Jeffrey Maxey, for the craziest tie (it was worn with a short-sleeve pullover, not a regular shirt).
Other participants were Pastor Dan Laack, Lloyd Stanley, Kent Janes and Richard Lowe, who said his tie was knot-tie (it had sailor’s knots in the design, but it sounded like he said his tie was “naughty!).
Each man present at the worship service received a Hersey’s candy bar in a wrapper that said “You’re Tie-riffic!”
The prelude and hymn accompaniment were with Richard Tucker at the organ and Joann Maxey at the piano.


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