Get to work in Springfield

Remember when the city of Vandalia received a state grant to replace the Johnson Street bridge over the rail line with a flat road surface? How about the grant funds that helped pay for the extension of Sunset Drive from Jefferson Street to Randolph Street?
Those are just two examples of how far our state has fallen in the past 25 years or so.
Today, schools aren't getting the funds owed to them, our governor has threatened to take away a big portion of the money owed to municipalities and many important services and programs are on the verge of extinction.
With about two weeks left in the current session, Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois lawmakers seem far away from agreeing to a new budget for the state.
In the meantime, Rauner, who ran on a platform of straightening out the state's fiscal woes, is following up on that pledge by suspending funding to numerous programs if a balanced budget is not approved.
Two of those have a huge impact on this area, the Fayette County Soil and Water Conservation District and Fayette County Extension.
The SWCD provides valuable assistance for farmers and other county residents who are committed to using conservation practices.
Our Extension office is probably most well known for its 4-H program, which teaches our youth important life skills and aids in their development.
Losing both of those programs would leave a big hole in our community, and we hope Rauner and our legislators can prevent their loss by reaching a budget agreement.

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