Welcome, Law Dogs

Vandalia will be roaring with the sound of hundreds of motorcycles later this week as Vandalia hosts the national rally of Law Dogs, a motorcycle group made up of people associated with law enforcement and the military.
It's the second time within two months that we are hosting a national gathering right here in Vandalia.
That means that our city and its people is doing something right.
Those who attended the national convention of the Association of Lincoln Presenters noted after their visit their reception and service by the city, as well as their treatment by local residents.
We're hoping that the Law Dogs are left with the same impression, and you, our residents, have a lot to say about that.
The Law Dogs will be using as many as 150 local hotel rooms, and they will also be spending considerable funds for meals and other services in the coming days.
It's an honor to host something like the Law Dogs' national rally, and let's prove to them that we are up to the challenge.
At the same time, we offer a hearty welcome to the members of the motorcycle club made up of current and retired law enforcement and military personnel, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.
We're so pleased that you have chosen our home for your rally.

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