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Wild Predatory Critters
•  Questionable Critter #1 – Just recently a fairly large, dark red bushy, critter entered out yard and was heading straight for Rhonda and Blackie’s chicken house.
Bill’s dog, Katy, sounded the alarm and was barking furiously, and jumping quite a distance up and against her dog pen. I watched as the critter kept coming closer, stop and look at Katy, then move forward again.
Curious as to what it was, I finally got a good look at its head, and it had the facial features of a fox (sharp nose, etc.)
It was clearly not like the silky-coated, pretty, stream-lined, red foxes we have seen around here.
It looked more like a “blob” of dark red bushy fur. I couldn’t see a tail, as it finally decided not to tangle with the dog, and turned and went back to the edge of the trees. I had grabbed my camera and took a photo, but by then, it was too far away to get a good picture. It appears just like a dark blob in the picture.
The critter was not huge, but it appeared big enough that I would not want it to tangle with our animals … nor us human inhabitants of the Homestead.
It is evidently not vegetarian, as it was obviously headed for Rhonda and Blackie.  
• Wild critter #2 – Bill called early one morning from work (about 6:15 a.m.) to tell me a bobcat had been hit on U.S. Route 40, between Bluff City and Vandalia.
As I have been hearing about bobcats being in our area, but had not seen one, I jumped in the car with my camera and took off to get a picture of it.
I was hoping it was already dead, as I knew I couldn’t leave it to suffer and yet, would be afraid to pick it up. (I didn’t want to take rabies or some other undesirable condition home to our critters (or Bill) through a wounded bobcat bite.)
When I found it, it was lying right on the center line, obviously dead, but I hadn’t counted on all the traffic on Route at that hour of the morning.
The shoulder was too narrow to pull over on it, so I had to stop in the road, open the car door and snap a picture before the car in sight got too close.
And it seemed like a car was always coming one way or the other down the road. The people driving the cars most likely thought I had been the one to hit the bobcat.
I did get some pictures, but as I never had enough time to get out of my car, they are not very good.
But one wonders, where are these wilder critters coming from and just exactly what is the one in our yard with the face, but not the body or coat of foxes, coming to our area?  
Coming Events
Brownstown HS Class of 1980
The Brownstown High School of 1980 will hold its 35-year reunion, in conjunction with the Brownstown Alumni Reunion, on Saturday, July 25, at the Vandalia Moose Lodge, 328 South Third St., Vandalia.
• Registration, meet and greet, and get reacquainted, 4-6 p.m.
• Evening meal, 6-7:30 p.m., with the meal costing $15 per person.
• Business meeting at 7:30, followed by class photos and visiting.  
A DJ will provide music later in the evening.  A donation will be taken to help cover his expenses.
Reservation forms were mailed out by the Alumni Reunion and the Brownstown Foundation in early May. If anyone in the Brownstown Class of 1980 did not receive an invitation to the Brownstown Alumni Reunion, call Christy (Braun) Warner at 335-3633, Tammie (Becker) Kramer at 347-2258 or Sandra Stine at 283-9211.
Reservations for the catered meal will be taken until July 17. Return reservation forms to: Brownstown Alumni Association, Box 344, Brownstown, Ill. 62418.
Ginny (Fisher) Wilbur is the president of the Alumni Association and can be reached at 699-1518 with any questions.  
Summer Lunches for Kids Program …
… is in progress on Wednesdays, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., at the Brownstown United Methodist Church. Creamy-style peanut butter and grape jelly are needed.
Monetary donations also appreciated for purchase of other items in lunches.
Reminders to Home & Community Education (HCE) Members
• New projects starting will requite the collection of the caps off Prairie Farm milk containers and clean T-shirts. The shirts do not have to be new and can be any color, but must be clean.
• Those who haven’t paid dues yet need to get them in to Shirley Klitzing as soon as possible.

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