Happy Anniversary

It's been five years since Kathy Schultz got the idea of using Facebook to help preserve Vandalia's history in photographs.
Little did Schultz know just how well received that Facebook page, Vandalia Memories, would become or just how many would join with her in that effort.
Today, there are 88 albums containing hundreds and hundreds of photos that show Vandalia's past, with many of those photos previously unseen by many of us in the community.
As those photos have been posted on that Facebook page, many of us have enjoyed learning what our town looked like in the past. At the same time, many of those photos have brought back childhood memories of lifetime residents.
As if creating and maintaining that Facebook page wasn't enough, Schultz has pulled many of those photos to be included in a book. That is another way to keep our history alive.
We continue to applaud Schultz and all others who participate in Vandalia Memories, and encourage them to keep the photos – and the memories – coming.

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