Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
God’s angel in charge of “Joyful Noise” landed at Evergreen Outreach on Monday. I expect the angel in charge of Pastor James Fackler had a senior moment, because we missed pastor VERY much!
However, Donna Smith, with her quiet demeanor was our leader and pianist, while I was somewhere in the clouds, looking for more angels!   
We missed Vandalia Rehab and Fayette County LTC, but greatly appreciated FAYCO coming to our meeting. We sang our welcome and outreach songs, and we let Donna lead us in a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Debra Williams, Elizabeth Whitt and Louise Kruenegel.  If they weren’t old enough, then the music and voices certainly aged them another year today!
We were led in devotions by Phyllis Rames, who repeated the founding slogan of Evergreen Outreach from Matthew 25:40. This where Christ spoke these words, “Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.”
In this way, Christ asks us all to be kind to each other, because he knows how it feels to be human. He knows all our pains and suffering.
Even now, when we are not kind, it hurts him, even though he is in heaven. He sees, knows and feels everything that happens on earth, so believe me when I say we need his mercy.
There wasn’t any dancing action on Monday, just lots of lip action. We had a successful sing-along, and massacred (I mean really badly) nearly 20 hymns. This is the most our songbook has been used since Christmas!
Although we weren’t on stage, the microphone on the floor was enough to seal the deal on our roving menagerie of vocalist.
There were about five or six singers vying for the microphone and not one sang without a smile on their face and sparkle in their eye!  
OK, we may not know a B flat from a C sharp, but we know God’s love for us and Jesus’s forgiveness.
It’s the LOVE in our heart that came bursting forth and into the microphone. So to us, that is our treasure, from all the expenses and work put into make this a day of LOVE and JOY.
So, whoever donated/purchased the orange and turquoise song books, we are indebted to you more than you realize! Thank you very much for your gifts and generosity. The same goes for the donation of the piano, etc.
And most of all thank you God for the wonderful volunteers of Evergreen Outreach: Jeannie Schlicht, Ruth Ann Scott, Marie Sutton, Joyce Muller, Karen Redfern and Mary Woolsey!
Things at the pinochle seemed rather subdued, because Susan Meador/Rosamund Hobler trounced Mary Woolsey/Richard Kruenegel. Way to go! This may not have been the same as winning the Triple Crown by American Pharaoh, but once every 37 years is a really rare event!  
I had a really good day and hope God will bless you all, till we meet again next week!  I’m pretty sure the music will be better – anyway it couldn’t get any worse! Have fun this summer and remember the “Happy” dwarf!

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